I was a bit troubled to hear that I have been interrupting Mrs. Lion, even in an inconsequential way. She wrote about that in her post yesterday. She also wrote that when we are in our trailer I can be dressed. That might be more difficult than she thinks. We have been CFNM for over ten years. I have learned to be naked when indoors with no company. This will be quite a change for me. I can understand her reasoning. Because I am bare, she has taken the dog out most of the time when we travel. I think it’s fair for me to do it too. I know we’ll figure it out.

While the intended target of our power exchange is me, Mrs. Lion has to make many changes too. I think that is one aspect of enforced chastity and FLM that many people don’t think too much about. For example, if she makes rules then she takes on the job of observing my behavior and enforcing them. One reason this effort is worthwhile is that Mrs. Lion is overcoming her tendency to overlook things and just accept the status quo. She can’t do that in a FLM. I think it’s helping her overcome that. At least, I’ve noticed that she is much more observant and I have to be on my toes.

Enforced chastity is in full force. I’ve been locked in a Jail Bird since January 2014. I am released for brief intervals of sexual activity, usually teasing. It’s gotten that I don’t even realize that I’m in a chastity device. I don’t feel it. But I am so conditioned by restrictions it imposes that I sit down to pee even when not locked up. One thing about my chastity that is worrying me: my interest in sex, orgasm in particular, seems to have declined. I never intended that to happen. I know Mrs. Lion didn’t want that either. The big question in my mind is whether my current lack of interest is due to the teasing and chastity or our current, difficult situation.

FLM is pretty new for us. Neither of us is fully comfortable with it yet. We have established a schedule. Monday and Thursday are punishment days. I get spanked for anything I have done wrong in the days between sessions. Tuesday and Friday are maintenance spanking days. I always get spanked then. We do this in order to help us both get used to the domestic discipline we have decided to implement. Both the punishment and maintenance spankings are not BDSM play spankings. There is no attempt to warm me up. They are intended to help me change behavior. They do. I am much more careful to obey Mrs. Lion and follow my rules.

Given all this power exchange, the way we make decisions hasn’t changed. I still handle the money and can make financial decisions for the two of us. I have never acted autonomously. I have always consulted Mrs. Lion before doing anything out of the ordinary. In the past it was consulting, now I ask for permission. Functionally it is no different. I would never do something that she didn’t agree we should do. That aspect of our lives still works as well as ever.

We have integrated enforced chastity into our lives. There is no longer any question about dropping it. Even if it turns out that the sexual changes are not situational. I’m sure we will work out a way to restore my interest. I’m not as sure about FLM. So far we have established a disciplinary framework, but I can’t say that we’ve done more than dipping our toes into real control. It could end up that I just can’t live with that level of submission or Mrs. Lion is too uncomfortable to continue. As we’ve learned from our enforced chastity experience, we will take our time and slowly move further into FLM. We don’t have a clear pathway into this practice. So far, my reading hasn’t been very productive. So many people confuse FLM with BDSM. If you can offer some help, we would appreciate it.