A New View Of Orgasms

Mrs. Lion lamented in her post yesterday that I have a stoic response to her telling me that I may have missed my day to have an orgasm. For some reason I didn’t feel particularly upset when she said that. In fact, lately I haven’t felt terribly driven to come. I can’t explain this and I have no idea if this is just a phase or some fundamental change. I’ve noticed a change in my response to Mrs. Lion’s teasing. I start out not feeling very aroused.

This happened  on the daily tease or after skipping a day. I seem to get hard quickly enough, but I don’t feel any urgency. After what feels like a long time, my arousal builds and I want to come. After being edged the first time, I am easy to get there again and again. But even during this time of high arousal, if Mrs. Lion says I won’t be coming, I don’t feel upset or disappointed. This is relatively new. My guess is that this has nothing to do with her or with my own libido. I suspect that external issues are getting in the way for me. I’m tired and depressed. At least I think I am. Once we get over our current situation, we can see if my desperation returns.

It was very nice to come last night. I did miss the amazing high and the very cozy return from the stratosphere. We cuddled afterward and then we fell asleep. I do like to come! Big surprise, huh? Right now, I don’t need to come. As days went by after my last orgasm, my need declined. I’m not sure that this is a new pattern, but it surprised me. When Mrs. Lion finally did let me come it was a very pleasant surprise. I had no idea she was going to do it.

I’m happy to report that our server is fully configured and everything here is working correctly. If you subscribe to our posts, you may have noticed that we missed a few emails. The posts are all here, but I had to do some work on the server to make the mail flow again. In the middle of all this, my desktop computer died Sunday night. This was all we needed! After a bit of thought, I decided the problem was probably the power supply. It was. I bought a replacement yesterday morning and installed it. It worked! That was a big relief. It’s a lot easier to buy a $60 power supply rather than a $2,000 workstation.



  1. Author

    Might i offer that your reduced need to come is connected to your life situation right now. If I don’t have a job then I can begin imagining the worse possibilities. I can also go down the “I’m not good enough” do I don’t deserve it. If the base need is not being met, then my higher level needs take a back seat until I resolve that need or understand that I am magnificent right now and I deserve the right of pleasure.

    1. Author

      I think you are right. At least I hope you’re right.

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