My Third Ruined Orgasm In A Week


Friday night was both tease and punishment night. Mrs. Lion forgot on Thursday. She wrote about that in her post Friday. There is a new rule here. I am to remind her of punishment night (Monday and Thursday) before 8:30 pm. OK, I can do that. I was dreading punishment time since Mrs. Lion had expressed a great deal of displeasure about how I handled her forgetting on Thursday. She straddled my back and gave me a few very painful swats with the bloodwood paddle. This paddle was made for me by John Hanson. He is one of the best paddle and strap makers in the world. I have a few of his creations. They are both beautiful and extremely effective as I learned anew on Friday night.

An hour or so later, Mrs. Lion did her tease session. Once again she gave me a ruined orgasm. This one was incredibly intense. She also fed me my semen. Yuck! The idea of eating semen is hot until just after I ejaculate. Then, it is gross to the extreme. Apparently I will be getting ruined orgasms each time I am teased until my next release date. I have very mixed feelings about them. The ruined orgasm does blunt my interest in coming for a day, but then I am hornier than ever. I’ve noticed that a day after a full orgasm I get very horny. Mrs. Lion’s current pattern gives me a day’s rest and then I am crazy to come again.

The point of teasing is, after all, to prevent me from losing interest in getting off. I have to say that my interest is very high. If anything, the ruined orgasms level things out, at least so far. They assure I stay interested, but I think that my desperation level doesn’t grow as much as it did when I was just teased and edged. This is the point where I usually get crazy to come and the depressed about being locked up. That hasn’t happened yet. I just really want an orgasm but can wait the ten days until my scheduled release. If she continues her experiment I will learn what effect a ruined orgasm every other day will have on me. I can report at this point that each one is more frustrating than the last. Also, it feels to me that each one takes longer to get me there. Is my body trying to resist the frustration? I just don’t know. Stay tuned,.