Ruined Orgasm Experiment

I mentioned a while ago that I may give Lion ruined orgasms every time I play with him just to see how it goes. I decided that this wait was it. He had a ruined orgasm a few nights ago and one last night. I’ve been edging him first, of course. I was thinking about just going for the ruined orgasm right off the bat, but I decided it’s more fun to tease him and not have him know if this is the time I stop. Also last night, I tried rubbing only the bottom of his penis and only on the down stroke. I knew he was sensitive there but I had no idea I could edge him just by rubbing like that. I didn’t quite take it that far but it’s nice to know I can. A ruined orgasm is also good for feeding him his semen. I know he disagrees. He hates the taste. I figure if I’m in the sharing mood then he should appreciate the snack.

I think Lion is still trying to work out how he feels about ruined orgasms. Do they take the edge off? Do they intensify things? Is there no effect? It seems, from what he’s said, that the effect is different at different times. Perhaps he’s less horny right afterwards and then it morphs into horniness and then on to intense horniness. Maybe by the end of this sixteen day wait he’ll have an answer.

As you know, we had a bit of a disconnect the other night when I forgot it was punishment night. Not only did I put reminders in my calendar, but I also made a rule that Lion must remind me by 8:30 pm that it is punishment night. If he fails to do so he gets extra swats. Of course, no extra swats will be added if I remember on my own before 8:30. Last night was a special edition make up punishment night. I sat on him to hold him still and then gave him four hard swats. Afterwards he said he thought he had earned more. I asked if he wanted more and he said no. One of the reasons for so few swats (he should have had many more for making me feel bad that I forgot to punish him) was that it was the first time I sat on him to hold him still and it was an awkward position. I’ll have to find a better way to do it. I’m normally on his right side and this time I was on the left. But there will be many more opportunities to punish him so I can work out the logistics.

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    My wife and her girlfriend would prefer no type of orgasm at all but they give me one every 2-3 months just to make sure everything is working. I always know when they will do this because it is the only time I am unlocked from my Jailbird and allowed an erection.

    How do I feel about ruined orgasms. Not much really. I never feel anything but enjoy the edging and erection that precedes them. The edging is very intense and lasts a full hour. The girls tag team me so their hands do not get cramped up. Sometimes they edge me orally but that is something for a special occasion.

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