I had a weird dream last night. Really weird. Really, really weird. We were in Germany (no idea why) and we went into this little shop. I don’t remember what they sold or what we were looking for, but Lion got a little more than he was looking for.

We met this guy who spoke English with a German accent. I don’t remember the entire conversation, but somehow it got turned around to male chastity and sex and he asked Lion if he wanted sex. Poor Lion said he would love sex but he was all locked up. Then the guy asked me if it was okay and I said yes. So, and this is the first weird part, he proceeded to take Lion’s pants off and fuck him in the ass in the middle of the store. Well, not the middle. It was a room off to the side, but still part of the store and people were wandering past like it was no big deal to see a German guy fucking an American guy.

The thing is, and this is the second weird part, I could feel the guy fucking him as if he was fucking me. But he wasn’t. I was just standing there sort of watching (for some reason I was shopping at the same time). The guy was huge and Lion didn’t have any problem taking him. At some point the guy’s wife walked by and they explained that it was fine with her if he fucked people in the store because she did it all the time too.

Weird, right? Well there are another few twists here. Lion wanted to go back to the store to find the guy again. He’d had fun and wanted more. So we drive through this little town again and it looks familiar because we’d been there just the day before. And we find the shop again and the guy. And this time he’s American. Everyone is. I don’t remember if Lion had sex with the guy again, but all the employees we talked to always had sex with people in the store.

What the heck? Why would Lion agree to sex with a guy? It wasn’t my idea in the dream. I didn’t ask him to so I don’t think it was a power thing. Why did I feel it? I mean it was nice but he wasn’t doing it to me. Why would it all be happening in the middle of a store? I didn’t see anyone else having sex but apparently it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. Why would Lion want to go back the second time? I know he loves things shoved up his ass, but this guy was huge. Remember, I could feel it. And why the sudden switch from German to American? Very weird.

You know how sometimes you have a weird dream and you want to have it again just so you can pay more attention this time to find answers? Yeah. This is one of them. Definitely.

[Lion — Hoo boy! Nope, not something I want. I wonder what that means. I do like things up my butt but never wanted a real penis up there. I see some anal play in my future, maybe in Mrs. Lion’s too?]

I read an amusing comment on a chastity blog. I forget the topic, but one guy responded that he sometimes gets locked up on a weekend. He doesn’t understand how people can do it (sic: be locked up) all the time. That made me laugh out loud. Apparently enforced chastity has to keep him entertained for it to work. I pointed out that boredom had nothing to do with it. I’m locked up 24/7 and only come out for play, orgasms, and the odd medical visit. As far as I know, I don’t have a boredom escape clause. I do have an emergency key, but Mrs. Lion never told me that I could use it if I got bored with chastity.

Apparently there are guys who get locked up as a way to spice up their sex lives and they stay locked only so long as it is fun. I suspect that these are the solo players; the guys who lock themselves up and eventually unlock for a wank. It isn’t my intent to put anyone down, but I think that like tennis, enforced chastity requires at least two players. Otherwise you end up hitting the ball over the net and then running around to the other side to return it. That can quickly get boring and quite tiring as well.

I used to have a fantasy about being caged and several women having the key. My wife was the primary keyholder. The others were friends who stood in for her when she traveled. It wasn’t as if there were dozens of women who could unlock me and tease me. In my fantasy there was only one other good friend. You have to admit it is an interesting twist on polyamory. This makes no sense in reality, but I mention it only to show that you can indeed make enforced chastity less boring.

The truth is that I’m not bored. Mrs. Lion provides all the variety I want. I do spend a good part of the time frustrated. Occasionally I am sorry that I opened my mouth (or keyboard) and caused myself some grief. But that’s my nature. And then there are times I am entertained and satisfied. Saturday night was one of those. I got a great spanking. Mrs. Lion could have gone on much longer than she did. Of course, after I turned over, the entertainment continued climaxing with…well, a climax. How cool is that?

Speaking of spanking, I ran across a spanking video that was very interesting and hot in a masochistic way. It opened with a man, pants and underpants down, across a fully dressed woman’s lap. He was carrying his weight on his outstretched arms and his legs dangled a few inches from the floor. She was sitting on an armless chair. There was no music or pretend plot. She began, as Mrs. Lion does, with some bare-handed swats. Then she used the back of a large hairbrush and just went at it. This wasn’t acting. She was turning him redder and redder. The entire thing lasted about two minutes or so. That was long enough for her to make her point. She did stop a couple of times to say something to him and then resumed.

This video was devoid of sex. It was apparently a wife disciplining her husband. I suspect it was real and not some bit of porn. It felt like our tease and deny video, a slice of life shot for the entertainment of the people in it. Though in the case of the spanking video, it could well have been a lesson that could be played back if hubby forgot what happens if he is naughty. Since I am writing about it, you can tell that it got to me on some level. If Mrs. Lion used her paddle that way on me, I know that I, like the hubby in the video, will hate every second of it. But I think on a much deeper level it would deliver a message I very much want to hear.

Ok, that has nothing to do with my enforced chastity. It has to do with me and my kinks. Do you want to know about this stuff too? Let me know.

Last night, after I gave Lion a nice spanking and a hand job (which he had the added bonus of not having to eat – it was my snack), he went off to write his post for this morning. He asked what his next scheduled date was. I told him and then I set about changing the color of the notice on my calendar. Everything was blue. Not very easy to find anything. As I was doing so I was looking at his wait times. He’s got some variety. Short ones. Long ones. Medium ones. And then I looked at his last wait time. Nine days. It seemed longer to me.

I’m not sure why. If you had asked me to guess I would have said it was twelve days at least. Ironically my last orgasm was twelve days ago now that I think about it. Of course, I still don’t care about mine. And it doesn’t explain why I thought Lion had waited longer. True, for a few days he was very horny and he let me know that every few hours. But he wasn’t grumbly about it. If anything, it made me laugh at him.

I wonder if it’s because I would normally have given him a bonus orgasm somewhere along the line. I wasn’t particularly in a hurry to give him one and he didn’t really want me to. Maybe knowing he didn’t want me to somehow made it take forever to get to his scheduled date. And then he said he might not be horny enough so that had the potential for a longer wait.

His wait time now is nine days again. I know he has an eighteen day wait soon. I wonder how that will feel.

[Lion — I’m pretty sure I know how it will feel to me!]

I have to admit I am less than enthusiastic about male chastity day. It’s creators say it is a day to proselytize the many advantages of enforced male chastity. Apparently, once men and women learn that it is easy to lock up a penis, they will immediately see the myriad benefits of this practice. Really?

If we have a holiday, we need to celebrate it properly. Perhaps we need some chastity “carols”. Let’s see.

Lock his cock with steel and plastic,
Fa-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.
Tease him ’til he’s nearly spastic,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

The possibilities are  endless. Greeting cards, penis-shaped boxes of chocolate, chastity day parties, and of course a chastity day orgasm; a sure way to make sure every caged male will count the days until his holiday.  How about decorate-his-cage contests, or a game of find-the-penis. It’s been entirely too long that there hasn’t been a holiday devoted to penises that can’t have sex without permission.

While I disagree with the idea of convincing men everywhere to lock their penises, I think there is some real value in this new, made-up holiday. It is a day for men and their keyholders to stop and celebrate the efforts it takes to live the enforced chastity life. I have had to make a lot of changes as part of my trip into enforced male chastity. Not all of them were easy or necessarily fun. Mrs. Lion has also had to make a lot of changes herself. It’s nice to have a day to remember that.