Still No Sling

By the time we cooked dinner, ate it and digested it enough to move, it was fairly late. We decided to forget about the sling and I edged Lion in bed. I got him ready by hand but gave him an oral orgasm. He loves those and I love giving them to him. And oral orgasms have a ways to go to catch up to hand jobs in terms of statistics.

Obviously hand jobs are easier. They don’t require any special positions for me. I just have to be sitting beside Lion on the bed and off we go. To give him oral attention I generally have to be on my stomach between his legs or standing while he’s in the sling. We haven’t used the sling until recently. I’ve been trying to even the score but it was clearly an uphill battle when I started. I had no real hope of catching up. But next year I’ll try harder. Perhaps oral orgasms will win in the end. Maybe I’ll make that my new year’s resolution.

The other day I said I like giving Lion orgasms on holidays. Today he countered that I hadn’t done that in a while. Perhaps not but when I scheduled his orgasms on the calendar I tried to give him one on holidays. When the schedule went away I was left to figure things out in my head. Anyone who’s ever waited around for me to figure out what day it is, let alone when a holiday falls or what date next Wednesday will be, knows that figuring out anything in my head doesn’t go well. I can either go back to scheduling things on a calendar, whether or not Lion knows, or I can just continue on my merry way of fumbling around. I’m not sure one method is better or worse than the other. The bottom line is I give Lion an orgasm when I feel like it. It doesn’t matter how many days he’s been waiting or if I manage to hit it on a holiday. We’ve been doing pretty well so far.