I’m happy that Mrs. Lion’s Christmas present to me didn’t fit. She got me 12 panties in a horrid open lace style. There was an assortment of colors that ranged from bright orange to neon pink. I’m not fond of wearing panties. Mrs. Lion promised to replace her gift with better fitting female underwear. I told her not to bother, that it’s the thought that counts. But no, she insisted on finding me panties that are a better fit. What a lioness!

I already have about a dozen pairs. They sit in the back of my underwear drawer. Fortunately, she doesn’t have me wear them very often. More underwear would be a waste. I don’t think there’s room for more. My regular underwear is very comfortable.

I’ve settled in to wearing a chastity device again. The Jail Bird is comfortable. I don’t think I am hornier because I am wearing it again. It is effective in stopping erections. I can’t have one unless I am unlocked. I’m  not particularly happy about wearing it again. Of course, no one asked me whether I like wearing it or not.

Today Mrs. Lion and I are back to work. I’m working from home this week. Mrs. Lion is driving to her office. It gets lonely here without her.  Yesterday, Mrs. Lion baked some scones for me. I love scones and hers are wonderful.

Yesterday was quiet. The dog mostly let us sleep in. She got Mrs. Lion up once to let her out. She doesn’t think I can open the door correctly. She insists on Mrs. Lion doing it. I did get a lick on my nose at 7:30, but then she went back to sleep and so did I. We didn’t do anything more exciting than going to the store and going out for dinner.

It’s the kind of quiet day off that we both treasure. We has a very vanilla Tuesday and we loved it.


  1. Author

    Lion – I think your panties look gorgeous. My Queen has bought some panties like yours and to be honest I prefer wearing them to my male briefs. Needless to say, She does too! robert

  2. Author

    Nice. My key holder has me wear them daily. Even when I was injured and couldn’t wear my cage the panty rule stayed. For me it is a reminder of my place. Panties and a cage will keep her on your mind. Plus the fact I could be found out is a little thrilling too. But I love being back in my cage.

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