Not A Christmas and New Year’s Tradition

Christmas day was perfect. It ended with a memorable oral orgasm for me. It was the 59th for 2017 and most likely the last for this year. That is one more than in 2016. My average wait is six days. This probably puts me at the average rate for men married over ten years. I know that some of our readers will argue that we are not practicing  male chastity. After all, I’m doing as well as most men in my demographic.

That is a serious misconception. I have no control over when I have sex. My orgasms are 100% under the control of Mrs. Lion. This has been true for the last four years. I haven’t masturbated since January 2014. I’ve been wearing a chastity device for most of this time as well.

The chastity device and the time I wear it, also have nothing to do with male chastity. It does prevent me from taking things into my own hand. But since I haven’t done that when wild, it isn’t necessary. In fact, Mrs. Lion makes me wear the device because it satisfies my enjoyment of bondage.

I was allowed to be wild from Christmas eve through midnight on Christmas day. I’m locked up now. At this moment, I wish I were wild again. I know what you are thinking, “There’s no way to make this lion happy.”

Well, I’m happy now. I don’t wake up every morning delighted that I am wearing a chastity device. It’s inconvenient. It prevents erections. I often wish that I was wild again. But I remember that this was my idea in the first place. I think that the last eight months being cage free created a little ambiguity at least in my mind.

The cage provides a sense of structure. It seems to act as a sort of anchor for our power exchange. It’s true that Mrs. Lion remained firmly in charge while I was wild. She edged me and cuddled with me as often as she did when I was caged. But we both felt a difference. I can’t articulate it, but we both acknowledge it was there.

Mrs. Lion believes that I get both a Christmas and New Year’s orgasm. I went back to my records and my first orgasm of 2017 was on January 7; a wait of 14 days. That means there was no Christmas orgasm either. My first orgasm of 2016 was on January 3. I don’t have records before that, but clearly a Christmas and New Year’s orgasm is not our tradition. Maybe this year we’re starting a new one.