If you wonder what happened to our list of blogs we read, our hosting company stopped access to that plugin. I’m going to figure out another way to continue listing sites. A little over a year ago we moved from our own server (way too much work to maintain) to a hosting service that does all the work. It costs more, but up until now, has been a pleasure. In the scope of life, it’s a small thing. I just want you to know what happened.

We frequently get comments about the absolute need for a chastity device if we are to be practicing enforced male chastity. I sort of agree, but the fact is that enforced male chastity is about controlling male ejaculation. Whether or not I’m locked into a device, Mrs. Lion has absolute control over my orgasms. I know, I know, if I’m not locked up I could jerk off. Please! If I’m locked up and determined to masturbate, I can pull out of my cage.

The most common argument that if it is a lot of work to pull out, by the time I actually do it, I won’t want to masturbate. Let’s face it, we’re grownups (this blog is for grownups. If you’re a kid, go back to some other site). Grownups can control themselves. If you are prone to going off and rubbing one out, enforced chastity isn’t for you,.

What we do (Mrs. Lion and I, hopefully you too) is consensual. I want her to be in control of my orgasms. Why in the world would I want to cheat?

A lot of my posts this month have been about the gap between fantasies and reality. My reality is great. I love our power exchange. I don’t love every second of it. But I don’t want to give it up.

So, if you are offended that Mrs. Lion hasn’t put my cock back in a cage yet, tough nuggies. We are still practicing enforced male chastity. We’re doing it lioness style.

Lion is tired today. His allergies are bothering him. I’ll need to change the bed when I get home. I wasn’t tired to start off the morning. Now I can barely keep my eyes open. Tonight might just be a snuggle and snooze night.

As I promised, I played with Lion last night. It sort of surprised me he wasn’t immediately hard when I touched him. Sometimes he’s hard even before I touched him. It didn’t really matter though. He got there eventually. He’d had a nine day wait. Not that that’s a huge amount of time but for us lately it is a long wait.

Clearly he was horny when we got going. I was debating about making him wait even longer but he was such a good boy while I was away I gave him a hand job. There wasn’t much cum but I got a little taste. He tends to leak out over time now. As long as I get some I’m happy.

I don’t know when we’ll return to the Box O’Fun or more regular play. Clearly it won’t happen tonight. Lion won’t be ready to play again and we’re both too tired to care. Dinner will be easy pasta. I’ll change the bed while I wait for the water to boil and then we’ll settle in for a quiet night of watching TV and holding hands. That’s actually my favorite kind of night.

[Lion — Mine too.]

I picked up a thoroughly jet-lagged lioness last night. She was tired from all the flying, driving, and visiting over the past 8 days. When we got home, the first thing she did (after getting undressed) was to cut the seal off of my chastity device and free her weenie. It feels good to be wild again. We had a snack and snuggled for a long time. Mrs. Lion’s hands didn’t get near enough to her weenie to make me hard. I knew in advance that there would be no sexual activity. She was exhausted and just happy to be in her own bed. I slept better than I have in days. Being with my lioness is the only way I rest comfortably. I know that sounds mushy, but it’s true. It isn’t that we sleep touching one another; we don’t. But I am always aware that she is next to me.

Now that she is back and more rested, things will get back to normal here. Perhaps Mrs. Lion will reinstate her box O’Fun. So far, I’m wild. It’s not clear how long I will remain cage free. Regardless, the sexual rules remain firmly in place. She’s still tired and hasn’t slept as well as I. Wisely, she’s decided not to speculate here or in conversation with me. Now that she’s back, she has some decisions to make.

As she’s written, Mrs. Lion is debating when I should be locked in a chastity device. It’s not an obvious decision. We both feel there are pro’s and con’s. It’s her decision when she chooses to make it. Another consideration is how she wants to do BDSM play. We started using the Box O’Fun and suspended it for a while. Do we resume? Is painful play a spur-of-the-moment activity, or is it scheduled?

She has also talked about how often I get to ejaculate. Should she continue deciding while she is playing with her weenie? Or, should she establish a minimum wait time and let me know what it is? This ties in with chastity device wearing. At least it does in my mind.

Today, Mrs. Lion is more rested and she can put her mind to work on these questions. The problem, in my view, is that there is no “right” direction. We’ve had a lot of time to experiment. She knows that I’m not going to masturbate or find another lioness to fuck. She knows I do best when we do BDSM play. Reasons to move in any particular direction are subtle if they exist at all.

I’ve thought about it, of course. I don’t have any solid suggestions. I wore a cage for the last nine days. It’s something I know how to manage. I spent years locked up full time. It’s easier to remain wild; easier for both of us. She has nothing to lock and unlock. I can pee without worry. That doesn’t seem to be a reason to leave me wild.

I guess we’ll find out my fate when Mrs. Lion decides to tell us.

I’m home! Yay! I’m tired and I’d rather not be at work, but I’m happy to be back with Lion. I wish I could say I slept better in my own bed but I never usually sleep that well anyway. The most important thing is that we’re together again.

When I came out of the shower last night I cut the lock off Lion’s cage. I had no plans to play with him but I felt it was important to let him loose. We snuggled for a long time but I never made any attempt to touch my weenie. I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. We’ll probably play tonight.

Despite it being such a long flight I wish I could visit more often. I half-jokingly said I’d be back in four years for my daughter’s college graduation. I think it’s been six years since I went to the east coast for something other than meeting Lion when he’s on a business trip so I’m probably not far off in my estimate.

I know Lion has been talking about what might be in store for him once I got back. I haven’t really thought about it. Since I’m tired I don’t think I’m in any position to decide his future. I’m just looking forward to getting back to playing and we’ll go from there. Besides, I tend to make these big sweeping statement about how things will be and then I let them fall apart. I’m trying not to get Lion’s hopes up without being able to back it up.