Quiet Night

Lion is tired today. His allergies are bothering him. I’ll need to change the bed when I get home. I wasn’t tired to start off the morning. Now I can barely keep my eyes open. Tonight might just be a snuggle and snooze night.

As I promised, I played with Lion last night. It sort of surprised me he wasn’t immediately hard when I touched him. Sometimes he’s hard even before I touched him. It didn’t really matter though. He got there eventually. He’d had a nine day wait. Not that that’s a huge amount of time but for us lately it is a long wait.

Clearly he was horny when we got going. I was debating about making him wait even longer but he was such a good boy while I was away I gave him a hand job. There wasn’t much cum but I got a little taste. He tends to leak out over time now. As long as I get some I’m happy.

I don’t know when we’ll return to the Box O’Fun or more regular play. Clearly it won’t happen tonight. Lion won’t be ready to play again and we’re both too tired to care. Dinner will be easy pasta. I’ll change the bed while I wait for the water to boil and then we’ll settle in for a quiet night of watching TV and holding hands. That’s actually my favorite kind of night.

[Lion — Mine too.]