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Lion and Mrs. Lion have been together over a decade. They have experimented with Mrs. Lion topping him. Over the years, the play and then the sex tapered off. Thinking that it might renew their sexual energy, lion presented the idea of enforced chastity. Mrs. Lion agreed to give it a try. He has been caged since January 2014. The experiment is succeeding and lion will be caged Indefinitely. In February 2015, he asked Mrs. Lion to take full control and she accepted. He is now in a Female Led marriage with domestic discipline. His bottom will never be the same. Reach him on Twitter: @thecagedlion

It’s Not Fair

Occasionally we get a comment that asks if I get to punish Mrs. Lion if she breaks a rule. That would only be fair if I could wouldn’t it? Of course I can’t. She locks me in a chastity device

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About Cruelty

Our readers never cease to amaze me. Our recent posts about domestic discipline have evoked some remarkable responses. Not one suggested that Mrs. Lion beat the crap out of me. Instead, our readers expressed concern that we not take spanking

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