We’re very close to our 3,000th post. For no good reason this feels like a watershed moment in our blog’s history. I don’t have any information about other blogs and how we stack up. I’m pretty sure we’re in the top ten in our area of interest. So what?

I’ve been wondering that if once we pass 3,000 we slow the pace. Each of us writes a post almost every day. That’s a lot of words. In fact, it’s well over a million of them; almost all of them in the context of my penis. That has to be some sort of record. It’s a lot of prose about six inches of flesh.

Actually, it’s about a lot more. It’s the ongoing story of how a change in our sexuality affects our lives. The daily posts are a little like frames in a time-lapse recording of our lives. The real-life arc of our relationship is chronicled in this blog. Has the blog somehow merged with our reality so that what we write is a necessary part of us?

That may seem strange at first. Consider that every day I read what my wife is thinking about in relation to our sex life. I’m also reading her considered reactions to things I do or don’t do. She’s reading my reactions to what she does as well as what I think I want her to do to me.

It doesn’t stop there. There’s a subtext that reveals our individual emotional state. Feelings that may be unspoken, tend to get revealed here. Comments make us clarify what we might have glossed over. Neither of us is inclined to fabricate. What we write is what we are actually doing and thinking. Taking a trip through our archives reveals how we’ve changed over the last five years.

Some of our readers share our experiences. That’s very important to me. I love learning how others grow in our peculiar kink. How relationships change as the sexual power balance shifts. I’ve gone thorough different phases. Mrs. Lion usually indulges me; at least for a while.

What’s evolved is our own brand of a FLRD. It doesn’t really map to the popular fantasies, but it’s proving to be a sustainable feature of who we are as a couple. All these posts reveal how we got where we are. Because we write every day, we reveal the steps forward and back that we take. I like to read back to remind myself how we got here.

When we pass post 3,000 (in about a week), I plan to keep writing every day. I don’t think we have “arrived” yet. I don’t think we ever will. I don’t care. It’s a hell of a good ride.

Lion finally got a good night’s rest last night. I might have too. Sometimes I think I’m fine and then I’m face down a few hours later. Fingers crossed.

I’m hoping when we snuggle tonight, Mr. Weenie will be looking for fun. Lion was a little itchy and my neck was not happy watching TV while snuggling so that ended that adventure. We’ll be better tonight I’m sure.

I’ve been thinking every day is Friday all week. I think it’s because I didn’t really have a weekend while I was away. I was running pretty much every day. And I didn’t do any of the normal weekend things like laundry. Plus there are a lot of people on vacation at work so it’s been pretty boring without the normal side conversations going on.

The bottom line is that I’m ready for the weekend and a return to normalcy. With or without the Box O’Fun, I hope we can play. I can tie Lion’s balls or get him with the Icy Hot. I’ve also had my eye on the nail polish again. He hasn’t had pretty toes in a very, very long time. Since it’s summer, and sandal weather, I think he might need some color. Not that Lion wears sandals. Of course, he doesn’t normally wear nail polish. Maybe I can complete his look with a matching pair of panties. So many possibilities.

This blog is generally limited in terms of what you expect to read. It’s about power and sex; more specifically female power and domination. I’m very lucky that our relationship is rich and Mrs. Lion is so generous in her efforts to make me happy. I am very grateful.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook just how rare this gift is. Sexual domination isn’t the least bit organic for Mrs. Lion. It’s probably 180 degrees from her natural inclinations. But she adopted her role because she knows it makes me happy. I worry that her loss of libido is caused by how far she’s drifted from her sexual compass. Is the price of pleasing me the loss of her own sexual pleasure?

This is one of those “what if” questions. They’re impossible to answer. But I still wonder. What if I were sexually aggressive and initiated sexual activity? Would Mrs. Lion still want sex? We’ll never know. Even if I suddenly changed and became the sexually aggressive macho male, I don’t know if she would be different. I wonder about that.

Before I met her and my master/slave relationship was over, I thought about what would be next for me. Did I want another male-dominant power exchange? I was unhappy with the way that relationship deteriorated. I realized that I wanted peace. I wanted a warm. loving relationship. I imagined comfort, security, and lots of shared love. Sex and power weren’t even on my list of desired attributes.

Even now, while I really love our power exchange, the top of my wish list is still love and warmth. I imagine that Mrs. Lion had a similar set of desires. Ironically, our relationship began with sex as the reason we got together. I don’t think either of us believed that the other stuff was attainable. We were both horny and were looking for some fun.

Love quietly crept into our hearts. After some time, we aren’t exactly sure when, we realized we wanted to be together all the time. We had very little information about one another. We didn’t know what sort of music each liked; probably a good thing. We have nothing in common there. The same is true of a lot of superficial stuff that couples normally share before they even consider love.

That may be why we are so different yet completely devoted to one another. We went from sex to love. Then, Mrs. Lion learned I love opera, theater, and veggies with my dinner. I discovered she likes fast food, contemporary rock, and puzzles. Our interests don’t overlap. Over the years, we’ve acquired appreciation for some of each other’s interests. We know we are very different from one another. We don’t care.

I never believed that there is some organic, inexplicable force that binds some people to one another. Mrs. Lion and I are an example that this force exists. Moreover, it transcends any superficial interests, including sex. Even though it was sex that brought us together, it no longer takes priority in terms of us. All I know is that we belong together. Boy am I glad I found her!


While we say we sleep better when we’re together, the past few nights have not proved it. Even last night after I changed the bed Lion was up a lot. I’ve been sleeping but not well. No idea what’s going on.

There’s definitely less anxiety when we’re together. Lion jokes that he wasn’t sure I wouldn’t find someone better and wouldn’t come home. Even my ex. All spending any time with my ex proves is that I was right to leave. Maybe not right to leave the kids, but right to leave him. We’ll always have ties because of the kids but the less contact the better.

I know Lion is insecure but he’s stuck with me. I’m like a bad check. I’ll always come back to him. On paper I know it doesn’t seem like we belong together and I can’t explain it, but we do. It’s definitely cliche but we’d do anything for each other. I suppose that’s why I’m so willing to do most of the things he wants me to do to him. It makes him happy.

Tonight maybe we’ll snuggle and see if my weenie is interested in any fun. If Lion’s too tired my weenie won’t react. I’ll just try again the next night. I try never to put any pressure on Lion to play. If it doesn’t happen one night it will happen sometime in the next few nights. I’m pretty sure putting pressure on him would add to anxiety and not being able to play. Why would I do that to him?