Back Home With Lion

I’m home! Yay! I’m tired and I’d rather not be at work, but I’m happy to be back with Lion. I wish I could say I slept better in my own bed but I never usually sleep that well anyway. The most important thing is that we’re together again.

When I came out of the shower last night I cut the lock off Lion’s cage. I had no plans to play with him but I felt it was important to let him loose. We snuggled for a long time but I never made any attempt to touch my weenie. I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. We’ll probably play tonight.

Despite it being such a long flight I wish I could visit more often. I half-jokingly said I’d be back in four years for my daughter’s college graduation. I think it’s been six years since I went to the east coast for something other than meeting Lion when he’s on a business trip so I’m probably not far off in my estimate.

I know Lion has been talking about what might be in store for him once I got back. I haven’t really thought about it. Since I’m tired I don’t think I’m in any position to decide his future. I’m just looking forward to getting back to playing and we’ll go from there. Besides, I tend to make these big sweeping statement about how things will be and then I let them fall apart. I’m trying not to get Lion’s hopes up without being able to back it up.