Pink Panty Wednesday

We haven’t been up to much. As of Wednesday, it’s been six days since my last orgasm. Mrs. Lion may be ready for me to come again soon. That will be fun. My necklace came on Monday, and I started wearing it on Tuesday. It wasn’t much of a problem sleeping with it on. Mrs. Lion hasn’t commented on it. I’m not sure whether she likes it on me or not.

We’re planning a trip to Hawaii early next year. It’s a combination vacation and visit with Mrs. Lion’s oldest son. He’s been there for the past year, completing his physician assistant internship.  I’ve booked us a whale-watching trip and a Luau. It will be fun to take a week away.

It looks like I will be reviewing the Mature Metal micro Watchful Mistress. This is a radical design for a male chastity device. The cage is only one-half-inch long. That’s half the length of my Jail Bird and considerably shorter than the Holy Trainer Nub. I think it’s possible to wear this comfortably. It presses the penis straight back into the body. There is more than enough “flex” to allow this compression. I think this model will be invisible under clothes, even a tight bathing suit. Wearing this device is pretty close to having no penis at all.

It will be interesting to experience such a radical device. I expect that it won’t be uncomfortable to wear. It will be very easy to keep clean. I’m not sure about that yet. With so much compression, getting unlocked once or twice a week may be necessary to clean under the head. I guess I’ll find out.

Mrs. Lion is remembering to put me in panties without a reminder. She let me go wild (no undies) on Monday. That felt nice. Wednesday was a pink thong. Even though made for a woman, there is plenty of room for my cock and balls. I don’t mind the strap nestled in my crack (no one asked if I mind, just saying).

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