Male Chastity has evolved since we started this blog a decade ago. You might say that it has grown up. Let me back up a little further. In the late 1990s, male chastity was pretty much an escape artist’s sport. Forums–not the sort we have now, the dial-up character-based programs–about male chastity discussed how long it took people to escape the latest male chastity devices. The game was that you couldn’t unlock to jerk off. You had to escape. The longer it took to get out, the more desperate the guys got. It was an odd but fun game.

By the time I decided to ask Mrs. Lion to lock me up, the game had changed for most guys. Enforced male chastity became a two-player game with the locked male and his keyholder. The focus moved from escape to a power exchange. The objective of the male chastity device remained masturbation prevention. Now, another player was added.

Part of the fun for many guys was finding a “secure” device that not only prevented masturbation but was also impossible to escape. The problem with that is the more secure the male chastity device, the less comfortable (and safe) it is to wear. Too tight base rings irritated. Some men applied creams to ease the pain. Penis tubes with only a tiny hole in the tip for urine are difficult to clean and start to stink quickly. Yes, they kept fingers away from sensitive penis parts, but they also required lots of maintenance.

A short time after Mrs. Lion agreed to lock me up, I realized that I was looking at male chastity the wrong way. The male chastity device shouldn’t be an inescapable penis prison. Comfort and safety are sacrificed with increasing security. It should simply prevent erections and masturbation. It should be difficult enough to escape to allow the wearer time to consider what he is doing.

That’s the key. I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. She chose to use my lock-up to train me not to masturbate. From my perspective, the worst thing that could happen would be for her to decide not to continue with my enforced male chastity. She said she would stop if I jerked off or removed the device without her persmission. She had the only keys.

We were in good shape as long as I behaved and stayed in my male chastity device. The most important feature of a male chastity device had to be comfort. I had to be able to wear it 24/7 for as long as Mrs. Lion wanted. We agreed that it would stay on permanently except for sexual activity and occasional cleaning. That couldn’t happen if the male chastity device hurt or was difficult to keep clean while locked on my penis.

1-inch long jail bird

I quickly discovered another critical need: I had to be able to pee without spraying all over the place. The male chastity devices that worked best for me were open cages like the Mature Metal Jail Bird. In order for me to pee without spraying, my urethra had to stay centered in the opening at the top of the cage.

The instructions for fitting had me measure my normal flaccid penis length. I had my Jail Bird made 1/4 inch shorter than my measurement. I learned that my penis didn’t stay in firm contact with the top of the cage. Over many months and a couple of changes to the length of my cage, I settled on a very short one-inch length. That was the shortest Mature Metal could make a cage five years ago.

shortened jail bird chastity device
At left, my original 1-1/4 inch Jail Bird. At right, the adjusted one that is only 1-inch long.

That short cage worked perfectly. It was comfortable to wear. The head of my penis stayed in firm contact with the top of the cage, and I could reliably pee standing up. The short cage was very comfortable. It was just a bit longer than the head. The compression didn’t hurt me a bit. I let my readers know about my success.

Apparently, others began buying shorter cages. Holy Trainer came out with their Nano model, which was quickly followed by the Nub. I tested both. Very recently, Mature Metal began making a Mini Jail Bird, my one-inch cage, and a Micro Jail Bird, which is even shorter. Mature Metal is making me a Micro Jail Bird. I’m excited to test it.

I want to think I had a small part in this evolution. Mrs. Lion successfully trained me never to masturbate. I haven’t jerked off in a decade. Whether or not I’m wearing a male chastity device, my lioness is my only sexual outlet. Male orgasm control is firmly in place. We’re both happy with how things worked out.

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