Review: Heart-On Full Coverage Chastity Device

lion wearing the heart on chastity device
Here I am wearing the Heart-On male chastity device. It encapsulates my cock and balls.

There are very few surprises left in the male chastity device world. I have to admit the Heart-On is new one to me. As you can see in the picture (Right), it’s a chastity device that covers the full set of male genitals. Years ago, I remember seeing a similar metal device. It must have weighed a ton. It certainly looked brutal to wear. Nowadays, full coverage is achieved by chastity belts. These belts cover the entire crotch. I’ve worn one, and it was fairly comfortable but it did restrict my movement. It also would stop fitting if I gained or lost as little as a pound. Clearly it wasn’t practical.

When I look down, this is what I see. It’s hard to miss!

The Heart On device is 3D printed and made from PLA plastic. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and practical. At first look, it seems large. I guess anything designed to contain my entire package would appear to be. It certainly feels strange when I look down and see this pink ball where my cock and balls used to be (image, left).

I didn’t feel emasculated when I wore this (despite the color they sent me to test). Its shape makes it clear that there is a male under the pretty, pink plastic.

The Heart-On is marketed as a custom device; printed to order, you might say. This model is named the “Contained”. It’s a very apt moniker given that “everything” is indeed contained. It’s sold through the makers’ website At the time of this post, the price for this model is C$249.99 ($191.51 USD). That makes it a little more expensive than a Holy Trainer and less than half the price of a Mature Metal Jail Bird.

Fitting is easy. You only have to supply one dimension: the diameter of a chastity device base ring. If you’ve been wearing a device you know what it is. Mine is 45 mm (one and three-quarter inches). Everything else is standard. Putting the devicd on is very simple: Thread your balls and penis through the hole in the backplate (Image, left). The locking part is on top, and the little hinges on the bottom. As you can see, everything fits nicely in the provided space (Image, right).

front ofdevice
Mrs. Lion put the black ring on separately before hooking the hinge and then sliding the ring into the slot the top of the front.

The device comes with a black ring. You thread your penis through the ring, then slide it into a notch in the front of the device (see image, left). Mrs. Lion put the ring on my penis before hooking the front piece on its hinge at the bottom of the device. She then slid the top of the ring into its socket at the top of the device (Image,left). Then, she gently closed the device being careful not to trap any skin.

Last, she inserted the lock (it’s the same sort of lock a lot of devices use now) and locked me in. She had to do a lot of fiddling around to get the lock to engage. But with some perseverance, she got it into place.

The Heart-On as to drainage holes in the bottom. I covered these during the wash cycle in the shower. You can see how this device fits securely in this view.

The Heart-On is made from PLA, an organic based plastic. The maker uses his own 3D printer to produce the device. He reports that he spends many hours hand finishing before it’s shipped out. The quality of the unit I got is excellent. There are no rough edges and with the exception of the lock, everything fit together perfectly.

It may be a little hard to see in the picture (above left), there’s a short tube that acts like an entrance to the front, penis section of the device. Its purpose is to assure that the penis remains in that front area. The tube assures that urine is directed out the front hole. That way, no pee gets into the section that holds the balls. This is supposed to reduce or eliminate bad smells. I wish I had a transparent device. I would like to see how well this alignment works. The black ring that goes on first and then is suspended from the top of the device positions the penis so that it will naturally fall into the tube designed for it.

I use a  wash bottle with diluted dishwashing soap to clean inside the device when I shower.

With this device, you have to pee sitting down. I was given advice to take my time, and then when done allow any fluid left in the tube to drain out, then put a small piece of toilet paper in front of the front opening to catch any errant drips when I stand up. I routinely wear a pad in my underwear to catch drips from my other chastity devices. The pad saves me a lot of urine spots on my pants.

rinse out chastity device with shower massager
I used a hand held shower-, to rinse out the soapy water. There are two holes in the top and two in the bottom to facilitate drainage.

Showering is similar to what you need to do with any closed tube chastity device. I have a “wash bottle” that I fill with diluted dishwashing soap. I use the bottle to spray soapy water into the top openings of the device. I use a hand-held shower to add water, then holding the bottom tube closed, I shake everything to get nice and clean. Then I let the device drain and I follow with rinse water from the hand-held shower. This appears to do the job nicely.

Like with any enclosed chastity device, it’s important for it to come off regularly for inspection and more thorough cleaning. I would suggest doing this at least once a week.  If you do that, the device is certainly suitable for long-term wear.

bulge in my jeans
I “generic” bulge is visible in my jeans when I sit. When standing, nothing shows.

This device isn’t for everyone. However, a lot of guys who can’t wear chastity belts and want to lock up their entire package finally have an answer. This product isn’t perfect. It hangs a bit low on me and more of my shaft is exposed than I would like. But that’s just quibbling. This 3D-printed chastity device is very well-designed and I find it completely livable. It may show a tiny bit under my jeans when I sit down. (See image, left) However, the shape is an amorphous bulge, not a discernible penis.

It’s easy to put on and take off. Mrs. Lion found this device simple to lock onto me. Once on, it’s easy to wear 24/7. The price is a little steep; but not very expensive for a custom device. The maker offers a lot of options from a spiked ring that discourages pullout, to a different model that allows various “attachments” designed to please a partner without offering any sensation to the wearer.

Mrs. Lion likes the way this looks on me. I prefer a standard cage. That doesn’t mean that this device isn’t a great answer for men who want their balls out of reach as well as their cocks. This is a practical, well-made device. I expect Mrs. Lion will have me wear it from time to time.


  1. Question–is the base ring a circle or an oval? I found the oval shape on my Jail Bird is more comfortable and chafes less than the circular ones I have tried in the past.

    1. Author

      It’s round. I don’t think it should make much difference in this case. If the size is right, you should have no trouble at all.

    2. We design the rear opening a slightly triangular circle. Wider at the top, and narrower at the bottom. It is slightly more pronounced in the larger sizes.

  2. Good review as ever, the first time I saw this was a month or so back when I think I sent you a link, it’s fascinating but for me a little too expensive to justify. The pee challenge is intriguing / it’s where the nub I have falls down for me where I get urine trapped in the tube .

    1. Author

      Thanks for the link. I really like the product. Given what it is and how much time it takes to hand finish, the price seems reasonable. Keep your eyes peeled for more fun ideas.

  3. How is the security? Can you pull out the back?

    1. Author

      I don’t test security. Since I am the one who wanted to wear the device, it makes no sense for me to worry about escaping it. As far as I can tell the security of this device should be about the same as any other ball-trapping device.

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