lion wearing his necklace

Lion has been wearing his necklace for three days now. He was concerned about sleeping with it on. Apparently, it hasn’t been an issue. I doubt he even feels it anymore. He didn’t want to wear a necklace. As a matter of fact, years ago, when he wanted to wear a collar, I suggested a necklace as a way of being able to wear his collar to work. Eventually, we gave up on the collar idea altogether. If wearing a collar was that important to him, why wouldn’t he accept the necklace? Why did it have to wait until now?

I have two answers. Number one is that it had to wait until I actually ordered it. I guess it’s similar to the movies. Any time Lion wanted to go to the movies, he said he’d like to see it. Then he’d be upset that he missed it. Sometimes, I’d look up the movie times, present him with the information and we’d see the movie. Did he ever look up the times? Not that I recall. So I stopped. Answer number two is that he’s wanted me to take charge and I decided he’s wearing a damn necklace. Argue with me. Go ahead, Lion. I can have that paddle out in no time.

Speaking of paddles, we still haven’t tested out the new one. I was thinking tonight would be boner juice night. I don’t really want to spank him on the same night. Perhaps a boner tonight and spanking tomorrow. I’m sure Lion would agree to that order. He’d much rather have a boner than spanking, although he knows he needs a spanking every so often.

Once he’s warmed up after his shower, I’ll help him with his injection. I want to make sure we do it early so it doesn’t get pushed off until after dinner. That usually means it won’t happen until tomorrow. And then tomorrow becomes tomorrow for a few days. Of course, if he’s not up to it, we can certainly push it off a day. I can wait for my cream filling.

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