Spanking Is In My Immediate Future

lion in feminine panties

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post, “Delayed Punishment,” she didn’t spank me and gave me a pass on the coffeemaker setup. It was a busy, stressful day for me. I have been working to reduce the cost of our cloud computing. I had a bunch of credits that I earned by taking surveys. That source of revenue has dried up, so I needed to reduce the services we had subscribed to. This involved moving data from an external database to one on the website’s server. Stuff like that rarely goes smoothly. I hit a few glitches that kept me busy for hours. It’s all done now, and I’ve cut our costs in half.

It appears that I’m going to get spanked today. Mrs. Lion means business. The sores from my last spanking have just finished healing. It hurt to sit down for three days. Based on what she’s said, I expect this one to be more severe and hurt for a week after she finishes. According to the old Disciplinary Wives Club website (now defunct), a spanking should hurt for a week after being administered.

When I read that, I didn’t believe any spanking would hurt that long. I didn’t realize how much damage a wooden paddle could do to my posterior. I’m not complaining. I asked for it, and Mrs. Lion happily obliged. I will do better remembering to send her that weekday email before noon. Sitting in my desk chair with a sore rear will remind me.

panty progress

I’ve remembered to remind Mrs. Lion to select panties for me every morning. She’s provided one every day. Today, I’m wearing a blue, silky thong. It fits very well and fully covers my bathing suit parts. She’s written that she didn’t intend to have me in panties every day. I’m not going to complain if I don’t. I’m obligated to remind her. She can thank me and let me go commando if she wants. I don’t think I need to be in female underwear every day. I do think that I need to be in panties several days a week to remind me of my role.

On the other hand, what we’re doing now seems to be working. Mrs. Lion is much more observant and ready to spank me when I slip up. Wearing the panties is still exciting to me because it’s such an obvious symbol of her power. Maybe I do need to wear them every day.