I was trying to talk myself into getting up to punish Lion when he said he wanted Chinese food. Our local Chinese restaurant closed a while back. We haven’t found another one that we like. I was searching online when he said he could go for some pho. Nope. Not Chinese. However, the restaurant we go to has some Chinese dishes. I’ve had pho. I wouldn’t go out of my way for it, but it’s okay.

Lion wondered if I was punishing him before we went out. I didn’t really want to drag out the spanking bench at that point. I figured I’d push it off till today. I realized when we came home that he hadn’t set up the coffee pot. I was giving him a pass on that. He used the treadmill, so I guess I was in a generous mood. He’ll still get the original ten-minute punishment. That is unless he does something else in the meantime.

He did mention something about getting out of his punishment. He might have gotten out of it last night, but he only delayed it. If I’d spanked him before we went out to eat, he wouldn’t have been able to sit comfortably. While that’s usually the idea, I wanted him to enjoy his meal. Tonight, he’ll find it hard to sit even in bed, but I’m not concerned with his enjoying his meal. We’re making stew today, but we likely won’t eat it tonight. It’s better the next day. Tonight, we’ll probably eat some diet food. The bar is set pretty low for enjoying that.

It’s been raining hard here today. It’s not the usual rain. These are downpours that come and go. “It’s a cell going through,” Lion will tell me. I know how it works. I also know we’ve had 1.32 inches, according to our weather station. It started the tally at midnight. Twelve hours to get 1.32 inches. We have a wind advisory too. Good thing I don’t need to go outside to spank Lion. I can do it right from the comfort (mine, not his) of home.

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