Saturday Spanking, Sunday Beef Stew, And Maybe Lion Riding Soon

beef stew

Saturday before dinner, Mrs. Lion got out the spanking bench. I now have two sore spots, one on each cheek. She seems to bruise me in exactly the same place each time she spanks me. This time, she went well past the ten-minute mark. I was howling and kicking but she wouldn’t stop. All that pain for missing an email!

Daily panties continue. When Mrs. Lion spanked me, she left me in the little blue thong she put out for me that morning. She just pulled the ass string tight, joking about giving me a wedgie. My Sunday undies was a black thong. It’s odd to wear underwear that stops just above the base of my penis. My normal male undies go up to just below my belly button. The female stuff I’m wearing is way down below my hip bone. I’m learning to wear underwear that low.

On Sunday we made a batch of beef stew. I started prepping it, but my low vision made it hard to do anything useful. I did cut up the veggies. Mrs. Lion did the rest. Nothing like a good stew for Sunday supper. We’ll have enough to freeze for several meals. I’m very fond of stews. This recipe is fantastic. We use all beef even though it calls for lamb. Give it a try. We usually serve it over egg noodles (extra wide) or with French bread.

Maybe some lion riding in the near future

reverse cowgirl
closeup of woman in reverse cowgirl sex position

Mrs. Lion recently mentioned taking up sex again. She isn’t interested for herself, but she knows I miss it. It’s been over five years since We’ve had vaginal sex. Our normal position is cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. It’s difficult for me to orgasm when I’m ridden in cowgirl (Mrs. Lion faces my head). Orgasm is easy if she turns around and faces my feet. Cowgirl is the most reliable position for a woman to have an orgasm during intercourse. She can precisely conrol the position of the penis inside her. Her clitoris gets maximum stimulation. Ironically, cowgirl is the most difficult for a man to orgasm. The “spot” on the underside of his penis gets very little stimulation. However, reverse cowgirl puts his spot firmly in contact with her vaginal wall. Sadly, her clitoris gets little attention.

Now that we’ve both lost a lot of weight, lion riding should be a lot easier and more comfortable for Mrs. Lion. If she agrees to start out in cowgirl position, maybe she’ll have an orgasm and a good time. I hope so. I miss our lion-riding sessions.

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