How Much Will That Nice Erection Cost?

We’re both frustrated by the time it’s taking to get the right dose of Trimix. The problem isn’t that it won’t work. It’s that there is a risk it will work too well. The drug will produce solid erections in almost every man. It clearly works for me, just not well enough yet.

The risk is that if I inject too much, I will stay hard for more than four hours. That’s called priapism and can result in permanent damage to the penis. An emergency room visit is required if I don’t get soft within four hours. So, I have to increase the dose slowly to avoid the issue. On Saturday, I injected .25 ml of Trimix. I was hoping that would be the effective dose. it wasn’t. I had a very bendable partial woody. Mrs. Lion tried to arouse me without much success.

I think the problem with that was my disappointment with the drug. It’s supposed to produce a useful (capable of penetration) erection without outside help. From my research, that means I would be at about eighty percent of my maximum size. My research indicates that a dose of at least .25 ml is required. My urologist said that I might need a larger dose. My Sunday test will be with .30 ml.

Mrs. Lion commented that if the dose is high, the drug may become too expensive. We paid $133 for 5 ml of Trimix. For comparison, my insurance copay would be $200 for 18 doses of Edex. Edex is a single-ingredient drug that is generally considered inferior to Trimix.

Let’s do the math. If I need .30 ml per erection, I would get 16 erections per bottle, a cost of $8.31 per boner. The Edex costs $11 per boner. I can only buy the Edex every three months. If I need .4 ml of Trimix for a boner, I will get 12 boners per bottle at a cost of $11 each. That makes the cost equal to Edex. If I need .50 ml per dose, I get ten boners a bottle at a cost of $13.33 each.

There is more to this calculation than calculating cost per dose. The assumption is that I can use all of the Trimix before it expires. It has a thirty-day life in the refrigerator. So we have to keep in mind that Mrs. Lion will want me to shoot up at least that many times before the bottle has to be discarded. I’m pretty sure that she will want me to get it up at least once a week. So, thirteen erections in ninety days are reasonable. Even if we go to two bottles of Trimix in three months, our total cost is $266, which is only $66 more than my copay for Edex.

The odds are pretty good that I will need less than .50 ml per dose. If I turn out to need more, the doctor can change the mix in Trimix to be more potent. That shouldn’t make much change in cost to me. She can also prescribe Quadmix, which adds yet another boner-making ingredient. There are lots of options. The problem is that it takes more and more time to get that first perfect erection. I think that’s why so many men drop out before having success. I am certainly tired of all these failures. It’s no fun.

The partial erections that I’ve had so far feel…interesting. When I’m standing, it feels like my penis is heavy. I’m sure this is due to the blood partially filling it. Since I’m not turned on, the partial erection doesn’t feel like it is “right.” It feels a little odd. It’s sort of like how it felt when I finished ejaculating and then stood up. It’s not a bad feeling, just odd.

Well, today (Sunday), I’ll inject .30 ml of Trimix. Maybe that will give me the boner we are both anxious to enjoy.