At the time of this writing (Thursday), it’s been seventeen days since the last time Mrs. Lion spanked me. This is approaching the outer limits of her typical spanking frequency. She generally makes a point of spanking me at least once every three weeks, with her average being about ten days. This may sound contrived, but it isn’t.

Over the years she has been spanking me, an organic rhythm seems to have emerged. Every two weeks or so, either I get into trouble, or she decides I’m due for a “Just Because” spanking. I know that Mrs. Lion doesn’t keep track. I do. You can see how long it has been by scrolling down the left column of this blog. Some internal alarm goes off in her that reminds her to spank me. Her internal clock is very reliable. Sometimes she ignores it because she is tired or busy, but she still knows when I’ve gone long enough without a paddling.

The same is true of giving me orgasms. She doesn’t track how long it’s been between them, but over the last decade, she gets me off every four to fourteen days. The average is ten days. Mrs. Lion didn’t decide that this interval was best for me. It evolved organically. I have no say in the matter. If I did, the interval would be shorter.

I realize that our lifestyle is a little unusual. Most husbands don’t get spanked by their wives. The women rarely control the frequency of their husband’s ejaculations. Most men masturbate if their partners don’t get them off as often as they like. I don’t. Mrs. Lion made that her first rule, and thanks to years of wearing a male chastity device, the rule has never been broken. I don’t even think of jerking off. A chastity device is unnecessary.

This works for us. If we didn’t write posts, I doubt we would think much about any of what we do. As weird and kinky as it seems to some, spanking and orgasm control are just part of our lives. We don’t have rituals or costumes for punishment. Mrs. Lion just let me know that she caught me breaking a rule. She doesn’t even mention spanking me. We both know that’s coming. When she feels ready, she’ll get out the spanking bench and invite me to ride it. She’ll strap me down and spank me. No fuss or muss. It’s a normal part of our lives.

Often, she will let me know something’s coming in a blog post. You find out the same time that I do. She usually announces a “just because” spanking in a post. It’s the same for orgasms or sex play. She’ll discuss it in a post. Mrs. Lion almost never tells me any other way. She used to tell me in emails, but that seems to have stopped since she started working from home. I’m required to send her a morning email. She rarely answers it.

All this is fine with me. We have a very good balance that keeps us happy and close. I wonder if Mrs. Lion will pack a paddle when we travel. She always had a few in our camper. We have a rather nasty silicone paddle that she might put in her bag. I plan to pack some Edex in case she wants to do some hotel sex. Hmm, hotel sex and spanking. Sounds like exotic fun.

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