I Waited Way Too Long To Admit That I Was (Sexually) Broken

I never thought I had a real problem. For many years, even before meeting Mrs. Lion, I had Erectile Dysfunction (ED). I didn’t realize it. The symptoms were there. Many times I would lose my erection if I was fucking doggy (lion?) style. I would be fine in the beginning but lose it before either of us finished. This didn’t happen every time, probably about 25 percent. I was fine if the woman was in cowgirl or reverse-cowgirl position. I just avoided thinking about the times things didn’t work out. Blowjobs were always satisfactory.

Things slowly deteriorated. I never imagined that there was something wrong with me. Viagra and Cialis did a good job fixing the problem for quite a while. Between compensating by using positions that worked and taking the boner pills, we did fine. Then, Mrs. Lion couldn’t get me off by hand. Oral worked, but not her hands. We weren’t fucking because her libido had shut down. More recently, oral had become less reliable. I had to do something about this problem.

The hardest thing for me is considering that my problem is getting worse. I really am broken. I don’t have any of the usual underlying causes: prostate surgery, uncontrolled diabetes, etc. I’m not taking any medications that list loss of erection as a side effect. If you’ve been reading our blog, I think you will agree that there doesn’t seem to be any psychological cause. I’m not sure if there is an official disease called idiopathic ED, but that seems to be what I have.

There is a chance that the problem is related to the medications I am taking. Side effects of many drugs become more severe as you age. It’s possible that the combination of drugs I take may be responsible. I’ve considered stopping one or more to see if there is a positive effect. However, if I do stop any of the drugs, I increase my chances of getting dangerously sick. Since I’ve lost weight, some of the medicines may not be necessary. I’ll consult with my doctor and see if we can adjust things.

In the meantime, my old standby, Cialis, has lost most of its value. If I take the maximum 20 mg dose, I still have problems getting and maintaining an erection, even in Mrs. Lion’s mouth. That’s what brought me to the point of researching more drastic measures.

As I see it, there are two approaches I can take. The first is to experiment with the long-term meds that I am taking. If one or more is to blame, the problem is solved. There’s a lot of risk in that. The second is to use a drug that produces an erection without the need for arousal. This medication is injected directly into the penis. It relaxes the tissue that engorges with blood and produces an erection. Aside from the need to inject something into my cock, it’s safe and effective in over ninety percent of men who use it. That’s what I’ve been doing.

The injections are nearly painless. I just feel a slight pinch when the needle goes it. The needle is very thin and only a half-inch long. So far, I’ve given myself three injections, each one with a slightly larger dose. I have to continue this process until I find the dose that gets me a satisfactory boner that lasts about an hour. I can only do one injection a day, and no more than three injections a week. My next try is later today (Monday).

I decided to write in detail about this because more than half of the men over fifty have ED. We tend to be reluctant to admit we have it and even more unwilling to seek help. I’m sorry that I waited as long as I did before asking for help. With any luck, things will be back to normal this week. How cool is that? Should I publish a picture of my first satisfactory erection?


  1. I, for one, am very grateful to you for documenting and sharing this journey. I’m paying close attention and learning a great deal from you

    1. Author

      Thank you. I appreciate that you took the time to let me know.

  2. I agree; this is beneficial information about a condition that apparently affects at least 7 of 10 men sometime during their lives. And there is way too little non-techno babble about it. But it is OK if you archive the: “weenie” pic or give us a word picture instead.


    1. Author

      I’ll make one available next time. I was way too interested in getting the action going this time to get a picture.

  3. Likewise, as I said previously, learning a lot.
    I’d like a pic if you are allowed!

  4. Looks like you are moving forward with this, well done

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