A Very Good Erection Injection

On Wednesday night, I tried .40 ml of the super-strength Trimix. At first, I was a little discouraged. I got about 60 percent of a full boner after ten minutes. Mrs. Lion judged it usable, and I put on a constricting ring before getting on the bed for oral sex. Once she started, I could feel myself getting harder. Whoopee! Mrs. Lion worked hard for quite a while. I just couldn’t get near an orgasm. I told her, and she stopped.

When she finished, I removed the constricting ring. Normally, my erection would subside until I stood up again. This time, I stayed hard. Oh boy! When I stood, I got even harder. This was the result I was looking for. After about an hour, my erection got bendable while I was in bed. Standing brought it back. This is an excellent result. There’s no risk that I will have a solid erection for more than two hours. Mrs. Lion thinks that we have the right dose. I’m thinking that I should probably go up another .05 ml and see what happens.

She’s happy with the current result. Now she feels comfortable doing fun things before the main event. I agree that is what I need. Maybe a little more Trimix will push me to an 80 percent erection. That’s what I have read is the best I can expect. I think that the final twenty percent will happen naturally during our activities. This is just fine-tuning. What we have now is very good.

There’s one thing about these chemically-induced boners that I find a little odd.These Trimix injection induced erections have nothing to do with being sexually aroused. For example, on Wednesday night after the oral sex, I was still hard. The erection lasted another hour. I wasn’t interested in sex, but there it was as plain as day. No arousal, just an erection. That’s new.

It made me think about something some guys end up doing at play parties. Apparently, some dominant women find it arousing to lead a naked man around with a leash. No, the leash is not attached to his genitals. Women don’t generally find that idea too interesting. They wear collars around their necks. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a chemically-induced erection that you can’t lose? It would be incredibly humiliating to be led around a crowded party sporting an erection. I’m sure that some of the women would take advantage of the arousal and pet the poor man while they talk to his mistress.

In fact, the first time I heard about penis injections was from a woman who loved to do CBT. She injected her bottom with one of the erection-producing drugs before starting play. The bottom stayed hard regardless of what was done to him. That idea was a big turn-on for me when I chatted with her. An involuntary boner is amazingly humiliating in any public venue. Remember when you were a teenager and boners showed up at highly inappropriate times. Now multiply that embarrassment by a thousand when you’re led around a crowded party, your hard penis out for all to see.

That’s not what it’s like around the house when I have my Trimix boner, and I’m trying to do ordinary non-sexual activities. It’s just odd. I’m pretty sure that I would be aroused in the public setting. Humiliation is a turn-on, at least asa fantasy. Anyway, We’ll see what happens when I get my next injection. It should be fun. Right, Mrs. Lion?


  1. Any girlfriends Mrs. Lion can invite around to marvel at your new boner in all its glory?

    1. Author

      Fortunately for me, Mrs. Lion has no local friends who would understand such an invitation. Involuntary erections are a new experience for both of us.

  2. Never heard of this stuff but sounds fantastic

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