A Whomping Reminds Him to Follow Rules

Lion got his long-awaited hard spanking. I mostly used leather paddles but he was still yelping. I strapped him down so couldn’t wiggle away. Good thing. He said it was too much a few times, but he never said yellow or red, so on we went. I kept going a little bit after the timer went off. Not long. Just enough to let him know the timer is not the boss of me.

He has said in the past that I should tell him why he’s being punished and check in from time to time to remind him why his butt is on fire. Neither of us is very vocal during sex, BDSM or punishment. Sometimes I do tell him why he’s being swatted. Sometimes I tell him he’s bleeding all over my paddle. Yesterday, I made sure to keep reminding him why he was in this predicament. I didn’t ask him if he liked that better. Maybe like is the wrong word. If it was better for him.

Since he isn’t having any trouble sitting today, maybe we need to do the 300-swat experiment again. Of course, I don’t count during a punishment, so it’s quite possible I surpass 300 swats anyway. The problem isn’t necessarily with the number of swats. It’s probably more the paddle I use. I could hit him all day with the leather paddle. It would hurt, but I don’t think it would leave a lasting impression. I hit him a few times with a rubber paddle and a blood spot immediately appeared. If I hit him with a wood paddle, there’s more blood.

I did get a tissue to wipe blood away when it first appeared. When I was done swatting, his buns were completely covered with blood transfer even though he wasn’t bleeding very much. I got a washcloth to clean him up before I took pictures. He was mostly rosy-cheeked with a few bloody areas. I thought he might bruise a little because he now gets these welts that look dark. Alas, no lasting bruises.

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  1. Nice work Mrs Lion!

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