How Does That Make You Feel?

As promised, Lion got his butt whomped last night. When I started, he asked if I was going to use the new paddle. I wasn’t. But I went to get it. I don’t know how anyone else spanks, but I tend to use one paddle at a time. For play, I’ve used different ones, but it seemed distracting. Maybe because I don’t feel each one, I can never remember (no matter how many times I ask) which ones produce sting and which ones produce thud. Lion will probably add a comment here clarifying the difference, and it still won’t sink into my hard head.

Lion’s spanked butt after last night’s punishment. [Lion — I think less “real estate” was covered by the leather paddle. The center of my butt was virtually untouched.]

[Lion — The new leather paddle is more sting than thud. It’s probably good for warmup. The spanking spoon that Mrs. Lion added later is much more painful. Much as it (literally) pains me to say it, the leather paddle wasted her time. The spoon is the most effective punishment device.]

I think he said the new leather paddle is the stingy type. I started with it and went slow to warm him up. After a while, he asked if the paddle was making him red. I had to look. We use lamps on our nightstands, and sometimes it feels like there’s no light at all. His butt was red. When I’d been whomping hard for a bit, I changed to the spoon-shaped paddle. Lion had pissed me off. I was going to make him feel it. As soon as I hit a few times, I saw a few blood spots. I changed back to the leather paddle. Less blood, but it had started, so it got a little messy. I stuck with the leather paddle for the most part. I didn’t want so much blood, and he seemed to hate it when I swatted hard with the leather one, so I was fine with using it. [Lion — When she used a lot of force, the leather one really hurt. The spoon was worse, but ten minutes with the leather one is nothing I want.]

The thing is, once he starts to bleed, it’s very difficult to tell what is red from spanking and what is blood transfer. Once I saw that he was bleeding more than I wanted, I stopped the timer and got a washcloth. He had blood running from two spots. It wasn’t a lot of blood. As soon as I wiped it off, it didn’t bleed anymore. When I took a picture of his butt, he said I really wrecked him. I don’t think it looked any worse than other times I’ve spanked him.

A few hours later, I asked how his buns were. He said they hurt. Good. Then he asked how I felt. I wasn’t sure what he was asking. He wondered if it felt different now that I was spanking him for something that mattered. I don’t really think about how I feel when I spank him. I’m concentrating on hitting him in the right area. I’m watching his reaction to know if I should let up a bit, keep going or hit harder. Any time I ask him if he’s sorry or whatever other dialog, it’s just part of the “act.” If anything, I guess I’m glad I finally punished him for annoying me. Will I do it again? I can’t say I’ll do it consistently yet, but it’s a start. Will he do it again? I have no doubt. We’re both still learning.