Drawing Blood

Based on recent comments, I think there are some misunderstandings about our relationship. Some readers say that Mrs. Lion is too cruel. They claim that drawing blood is a hard limit she should respect. Let me clear that up. I spent years as a dungeon master for large BDSM events held around the country. It was my job to monitor play and ensure it was safe and consensual. Impact play caused mild (capillary) bleeding in more than a few cases. We carried BandAids for the top to apply over the blood spots to prevent spatter. The only risk of this bleeding was to the top and onlookers. If the bottom had a bloodborne disease, we didn’t want it spread by the splatter.

Bloodspots on my bottom.

I’m one of those people who bleed during impact play. The bleeding is minor. Blood appears to seep from my skin. After the spanking, the bleeding stops immediately, and there is no visible wound or scab. This is what I observed when witnessing others being spanked or whipped. It doesn’t appear to signal that the spanking is particularly severe. I seem to bleed sooner when Mrs. Lion uses thick, wooden paddles. Her leather paddles seem to be less prone to drawing blood.

It’s true that a mild spanking isn’t going to produce any blood. It also isn’t going to get my attention. When Mrs. Lion was learning how to spank me effectively, she would immediately stop at any sign of blood. It didn’t take long to realize that using blood as a hard limit was a mistake. Gradually, with my encouragement, she continued spanking me even if blood appeared. Other than being messy, I suffered no ill effects.

Most men just turn red and don’t bleed.

I think we would both prefer to avoid the mess. Maybe she can experiment with the mean leather paddle instead of wood. We can also find others online for her to use. My theory is that the unyielding wood forces the blood out. Maybe a more flexible material will reduce the bleeding. The point of spanking me is to provide an educational experience.

narrow bruising paddle
This paddle bruises me.

I’ve watched spanking videos where the spanker is as severe as Mrs. Lion. The man being spanked doesn’t bleed. He gets very red. White spots appear on his bottom, and he is bruised. Mrs. Lion has rarely produced visible bruises. The main reason she doesn’t is her choice of tools. A narrow tool applying a single, strong blow is more likely to produce a mark. She prefers broader instruments that create blisters and sting much more than the narrow paddles. It’s counterintuitive that the very hard swat with the narrow instrument isn’t more likely to draw blood, but it doesn’t.

If Mrs. Lion spanked other men (which she won’t!), we would need to sanitize paddles between uses. As it is, Mrs. Lion cleans any blood off her paddles before putting them away. We’ve learned that blood isn’t a signal to stop spanking. I’ve never needed any post-spanking attention. Mrs. Lion has learned to make her point effectively. She knows how to make it hurt without injuring me.