He Dirtied My Paddle Again

Lion is finding it difficult to sit today. He said his bottom was sore when he was in bed. I can only imagine what it feels like sitting at his desk. Actually, I can only imagine what it feels like in any case. No one has ever made my buns sore. I think we still need to work out where the pillow under his midsection goes. He had creases in his skin again. At the beginning of the spanking, I held the skin taut to get maximum coverage. After a while, I let the swats fall where they may. Aside from the creases, I got pretty good coverage.

He was a little far from the end of the bed too. I could still reach him, but it might have been better if he were closer. I don’t know if any of the force was diminished by his position, but why should I have to reach at all? I’m doing him a favor by swatting him. The least he could do is make it easier on me.

The luggage straps worked well. The ones around his thighs were tight enough. I need to work on the ones further down. I was going for his ankles, but they were too loose. We hooked two straps together for his thighs. I think one strap will do for his ankles. I don’t need to cut off circulation. I need to make it difficult for him to move. I wonder if he sees them as bondage. [Lion — I do see them as bondage, at least before she begins beating me. Then, I forget they are there unless I try to move. Maybe if one strap is enough for my ankles, the other could be used to force my knees to be bent by connecting the ankle strap to the thigh strap. Bent knees make it almost impossible to move.]

I decided to humor Lion. I set a ten-minute timer and started very slow. The big baby starting complaining right away. I wasn’t hitting hard at all. Maybe it was as hard as I hit him once I figured out how hard I could hit him all those years ago. Was I Lioness negative 3.0 back then? When I pointed out that I wasn’t hitting hard, he said he knew, but that didn’t stop him from whining.

I couldn’t see the timer from where I was standing, and I think I was a minute or two off when I told him I’d only been whomping for three minutes. I was concentrating on not speeding up too quickly. I alternated between slow swats and fast swats. After three minutes, I increased the force of the swats. Lion noticed. His screams into the comforter got louder. I mean, I imagine they were louder. They were muffled.

As I went from slow swats to fast swats, I took a little break in between. I also alternated between arms. Obviously, the right-handed swats were hitting slightly different areas than the left-handed swats. I was concerned that a lot of the force was landing on the left side of his left cheek. I could see the beginning of a bruise. The side is the wrong spot, and I didn’t want to keep hitting a bruise. I can limit the area better with an over-the-top approach with my right arm. Left goes across, and right goes over the top. I guess that’s one drawback to having him lay across the bed. I can’t easily get to the other side of him.

It may have been before the initial three minutes were up that he started to bleed a little. First, it was one dot on each cheek. He wasn’t dripping blood. I’d say it oozed out. When the paddle hit, I could feel droplets hitting me. They were too small to see. They did, however, get my paddle bloody. I like to tell Lion when he’s dirtying my paddle, so he’ll know what’s going on. I’m never sure if he can tell if he’s bleeding. I know he feels the pain, but whether he’s just pink or very red, or if he’s bleeding, it isn’t easy to feel. I wasn’t concerned about the amount of blood. What started to happen, though, is that the paddle started sticking to his cheeks. The blood on the paddle was grabbing onto the blood on his buns. I’m sure I could have switched to the other side of the paddle, but then he would have dirtied both sides of my paddle. The nerve! [Lion — Maybe keep a damp washcloth or alcohol wipe handy to keep the stickiness down.]

When the timer went off, I realized I’d probably been off with my warmup timing. Oh well. The timer ending corresponded with a little break I was taking. I don’t know if Lion thought we were done or not, but I remember his saying that going beyond the timer is even more of a morale buster. I couldn’t very well disappoint him, could I? Nope. So on I went. It wasn’t for too long. Just enough to let him know that the bell can’t save him.

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  1. If the bell doesn’t go off, then it’s not clear at all what to react to and what to expect. This is the same as there is no timer at all.

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