hairbrush paddle on lion's ass

Since I moved the gardens into the pantry, Lion was concerned I’ll forget about them. I haven’t really been taking good care of them lately anyway. Today, I made it a point to check on the water level during lunch. Ironically, it was Lion who forgot something important.

Admittedly, I didn’t think of it until it was after noon, but it’s not really my job to remember. Just to be sure, I checked for his daily email. It wasn’t there. A few moments before this, he tried on a new bathing suit and was happy with the way it fit his butt. I told him his butt would be getting some attention later. He said he meant to send an email. Yeah, well I meant to pick the winning numbers in the last huge lottery, but neither one happened.

Restarting our email tradition was his idea. He even made me a new email address so his wouldn’t get lost in the vacuum that is my regular email. He remembered to set the coffee up. He remembered to give the dog her treat. To be fair, he can’t really forget that. She does a very good job reminding him. I’ll have to make sure I do a very good job of spanking him.

He also wants to try the boner juice again. It seemed to work well last time. I think the biggest difference is there was almost no pain. With the Trimix and Quadmix, he feels various degrees of pain. I don’t know if it’s from the different drugs or how they make the blood rush in, but it doesn’t seem to happen with the solo drug. If we can get one of the injections to work consistently, we can focus all of our attention on orgasms. I know he wants them, and I want my cream filling.

[Lion — Well, the solo drug, Edex (alprostadil), isn’t totally painless, but it is more comfortable to take. It didn’t produce a full erection with our first test but it looks promising. Tonight, we’ll try a larger dose. Initially, it appeared that this drug would cost too much, but it turns out that my insurance covers it, and it may end up being slightly less expensive than Trimix. I wonder if I do the Edex before or after I’m spanked.]

Lion got his long-awaited hard spanking. I mostly used leather paddles but he was still yelping. I strapped him down so couldn’t wiggle away. Good thing. He said it was too much a few times, but he never said yellow or red, so on we went. I kept going a little bit after the timer went off. Not long. Just enough to let him know the timer is not the boss of me.

He has said in the past that I should tell him why he’s being punished and check in from time to time to remind him why his butt is on fire. Neither of us is very vocal during sex, BDSM or punishment. Sometimes I do tell him why he’s being swatted. Sometimes I tell him he’s bleeding all over my paddle. Yesterday, I made sure to keep reminding him why he was in this predicament. I didn’t ask him if he liked that better. Maybe like is the wrong word. If it was better for him.

Since he isn’t having any trouble sitting today, maybe we need to do the 300-swat experiment again. Of course, I don’t count during a punishment, so it’s quite possible I surpass 300 swats anyway. The problem isn’t necessarily with the number of swats. It’s probably more the paddle I use. I could hit him all day with the leather paddle. It would hurt, but I don’t think it would leave a lasting impression. I hit him a few times with a rubber paddle and a blood spot immediately appeared. If I hit him with a wood paddle, there’s more blood.

I did get a tissue to wipe blood away when it first appeared. When I was done swatting, his buns were completely covered with blood transfer even though he wasn’t bleeding very much. I got a washcloth to clean him up before I took pictures. He was mostly rosy-cheeked with a few bloody areas. I thought he might bruise a little because he now gets these welts that look dark. Alas, no lasting bruises.

lioness swimming

I didn’t realize it, but today is actually the end of our heatwave. We hit 102 yesterday and it’s supposed to be hotter today. Yuck! It’s supposed to be high 70s/low 80s for the rest of the month though. Check back with me in December/January when I’m complaining about the cold.

Despite my warning that I will start enforcing the email rule, I don’t have an email from Lion and it’s past noon. It’s a good thing the air conditioner in the bedroom works very well because I’ll probably work up a sweat whomping him. I’m sure his buns will be on fire when I’m done.

Our old coffee pot died a few weeks ago. We waited a while for a replacement, which was defective. We waited another while for its replacement. In that time, Lion didn’t need to set up the coffee pot. I’m happy to report that he’s been following his rule with the new coffee pot. He even did it on a day he didn’t feel well. I often overlook his rules if he doesn’t feel well. I may be wrong, but it seems too mean to enforce them.

I never asked Lion if he’d rather have me set a timer or not. Just because the timer goes off doesn’t mean I’ll stop swatting, but he’d know how much time had elapsed. Does he like to know? I haven’t decided which way I like better either. I tend to spank until I’m tired or his butt is a lovely shade of ouch.

[Lion — I originally suggested the timer because disciplinary spankings were getting short and shorter. The old, now-defunct Disciplinary Wives Club website proposed a timer set for ten minutes for one offense and adding five minutes for each additional offense. Mrs. Lion agreed to try it. It worked painfully well. When a timer is set, and Mrs. Lion goes at least as long as the setting, the punishment is uniformly severe. Lately, she has not set a timer, and my bottom has been a lot less sore when she finishes.

I think that the timer provides quality control for her spankings. I have to say that when it goes off, and she keeps swatting away, it has a big effect on me. Those extra-inning swats hurt a lot more.]

After work yesterday, I dragged out the ladder and swapped antennas for Lion. The new mount feels more secure. Lion was a little upset that I couldn’t get the mast any higher. I was able to lift it about a foot and a half off the roof. The top of the mast is even with the tree next to the house. The antenna sticks up another ten feet or so.

I told him the best thing about the antenna is that it’s done. I don’t have to go back on the roof again. Not so fast. Hold your horses. Back the train up. While he’s able to get a few more repeaters, he wants more. Unfortunately, the next step is a lot more money. He’ll need a different radio and a different antenna. (Sigh) I may be going back on the roof eventually.

An hour on the roof was followed by getting the garbage and recyclables ready for pickup. I’d forgotten about the new Fire TV box. Luckily, I just had to unplug the old box and plug in the new box. For the record, any time I’ve done something like climbing up on the roof and then “all I have to do” is one more thing, it annoys me. I may not be quite as achy as I was before I lost weight, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get tired and achy. (When I was up on the roof, Lion asked what he could do for me, and I told him he could get me my 20-year-old body back. He said he’d need more boner juice.

I think we’re going to try another injection tonight. This time, he’s going to try a cock ring to keep blood from flowing out when he’s on his back. Now that I think about it, could that have been the problem all along? Would a cock ring eliminate the need for boner juice? We’ll try it with boner juice tonight and maybe without tomorrow. It’s worth a shot.

Lion has a new rule. He wanted a travel mug so his coffee would stay warm during our mid-morning coffee break. I obliged and bought him one similar to the one he’d gotten me. However, I usually have to track down his mug before I can make his coffee. Lion sometimes forgets to bring it back into the kitchen. My theory is that he can return it when he sets up the coffee pot. Duh! Seems simple when you think about it. He’s managed to remember today. Let’s see how long that lasts.