I thought of a new rule while I was cleaning up after breakfast. Once I started packing up the old house, navigating to the kitchen was impossible for Lion, so he couldn’t set up the coffee pot. Obviously, I wasn’t going to punish him for not doing something that was impossible to do. Since we moved, navigating the house has been a huge challenge for him. Initially, there were boxes in his way. I’ve gotten most of the path cleared for him but, while I’m not saying he can’t go into the kitchen, it seems silly to make him set up the coffee pot. However, I do have a new rule for him.

Just before we moved, Lion got the brilliant idea to have me put his morning and evening medications in little packets rather than the bottles that were working well. (Can you tell I dislike this idea?) His reasoning is that there could be a buildup of nasty things over time in the bottles. I’m not sure what nasty things, but I guess I can see his point.

I have several issues with this new system. First, it’s a change and I balk at changes. Second, the little packets are annoying. I have to get the little jig into the openings and the pills often miss anyway. Third, it requires the use of a sealer which looks sort of like a paper cutter but it has a wire that heats up to melt the plastic closed. I usually set up his pills while we’re watching TV. Not anymore. I’m pretty much tied to the kitchen where I have power, a flat surface and more room to work.

Oh, boohoo. Poor me. Okay. I concede I’ll get better at making these little packets up as time goes on. On to the problem. The packets “live” in the bathroom, and Lion can’t seem to remember to bring them out with him after his shower. I have to do it. I think he should remember, and to  help him, I’m making it a rule. I’m sure it won’t take very long for his sore butt to get the message up to his brain – maybe a day or two.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll be swat-free. We still need to make his virgin butt slutty again.

[Lion — I was planning to move the little pill packets from the bathroom to a drawer in my nightstand. That was my solution. I see Mrs. Lion’s point. They’ll stay in the bathroom.]

We were supposed to have some fun on Thanksgiving before dinner. It didn’t work out that way. So, then I thought maybe we could have some fun yesterday. Lion brought out the Edex and then we didn’t use it. It’s almost 2 pm and I don’t know if we’ll use it today. I’ve been doing a lot of chores around here. Mostly cleaning up things that I don’t get to cleaning up when I don’t have four days off. I’ve been a bit frustrated with things, but not as frustrated as Lion. He’s been wanting sex for days. I think I should put him out of his misery.

In my defense, he’s in his office until late afternoon most days. He’ll say I could tell him I want him for sex. I think if he wants sex, he would mention it. I know he has trouble initiating and then he thinks he’s becoming a chore. It’s really more of a problem when he says, “I guess no Edex tonight” after we’ve been hanging out for a while. Yes, I was probably on my iPad but that doesn’t stop him from telling me he’s hungry. Can he say, “I’m horny” instead of hungry?

I still haven’t tested out the new paddle. The original plan was to swat him the day after sex. Since sex has been elusive, so have the swats. I bet if I instituted the rule that he has to initiate in order to get sex, he’d initiate. And that’s more than bringing the Edex out to sit on his nightstand. He could tell me he brought out the Edex and then ask if we could use it. I’m not the desperately horny one. Okay, he never said he was desperate. But he is horny. Do something about it. (Not masturbation.)

On the other hand, he’s doing his own version of orgasm control now. It’s true I could deny him if he asks for sex. That’s one of the reasons he doesn’t like to initiate. Think of all the times I’ve had great ideas (to my mind) and he trashes them. Anyway, if he doesn’t want to initiate, maybe it should be fine by me. The longer he has to wait, the more desperate he may become. Will he finally initiate? I don’t know. It’s not like he hasn’t asked if we could use the Edex. How scared could he be?

Should I make a rule that if he doesn’t initiate, he gets spanked? How will I know he wants sex? He does tell me when he’s horny sometimes. He does bring out the Edex. If I work off of those cues, I could spank him if nothing happens that night. Of course, if he’s not feeling well or something else comes up, I wouldn’t hold him accountable. So, what do you think? I’ll start an impromptu poll here. Yea or nay for the new rule?

sous vide turkey beeast
Sous vide turkey breast (not ours).

Lion made the cranberry sauce the other day. We now have two quarts of it. I know he likes it, but wow. Whatever he doesn’t eat today, we can put it in smaller containers and freeze it. I suspect we’ll be eating turkey again for Christmas. Not a complaint. Actually, it’s more of a hope.

A few minutes ago, I cut the turkey breasts off the bone and tied them together, fat end to thin end, so they’ll cook evenly. I sealed it in a vacuum bag and put it in the sous vide water. We are boiling (I know it’s not hot enough to boil) our turkey this year. We have no idea how this is going to come out, but it’s worth a shot. One year, we smoked a turkey. I’ve been intrigued by frying a turkey, but not enough to actually want to try it. It can be dangerous and seems just a little odd to me. Anyway, we’re having boiled turkey. [Lion — It’s not boiled! The meat is in a Seal-A-Meal vacuum bag. It’s nice and dry. The water is set to cook the bird to the optimum roasted consistency. Sheesh!] The sweet potatoes are in the oven. They get roasted, although I have a feeling there must be a way to sous vide them. We’ll have mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. No veggies. I mean, who has room or appetite for veggies? This is a meat and potatoes kind of holiday.

If I had bothered reading Lion’s email when he sent it yesterday, I would have known he was horny. I was in a push to get things done before our four days off. If we can get ahead, then those extra two days might not hurt as much. By the time I read his email, it was kind of late. However, as I did the dinner dishes, I decided we could play this afternoon before we were too fat to move from eating our boiled turkey. [Lion — Grrr. NOT boiled.] It’s also punishment day. I never did test out our new paddle. I think that should go on the weekend agenda. Maybe tomorrow.

I decided to give Lion something to be thankful for and told him he didn’t need panties today. He’s a free-range Lion. He’s still wearing his necklace. He asked me last night if I liked it on him. I said yes and asked if he liked it. He doesn’t. He does, however, like what it represents. Mission accomplished.

For the first time in a long time, I remembered to check for Lion’s morning email. By 11:30, there was nothing. At 12:13, there it was. Unfortunately, the time said 12:11. I sent him back a reply that said his buns would be getting sore for being late. Poor Lion.

What prompted me to think about the email, was Lion’s use (or non-use) of the treadmill. He’s used it once since I reinstated the rule. I didn’t expect him to use it every day. At least, not at first. The second day, he said he’d skip. Then he was waiting for me to set up the new floor lamp so he can see the controls better. Then he was busy with some website maneuvering. I reminded him today at lunch. He said he’d use it later. Uh huh. I hope he realizes that he’s on the verge of another punishment. If his buns aren’t on the treadmill by tomorrow, they’ll be on the spanking bench. Again. And that’s being generous. By rights, I should add five minutes to today’s spanking if he doesn’t get on there today. Sometimes I’m too nice.

I do wonder if it would have more impact (no pun intended) for him if I added time or if I punished him two days in a row. Does he want to suck it up for five more minutes? Or does he want to get whomped for ten minutes on a sore bottom? I think I’d opt for the added time. If I’m in pain, I’d rather get it over with all at once. Of course, that’s assuming I got a choice.

When I waxed him the other day, he had a few sore spots. Of course, I gave him a few swats just because I can. Nothing hard. And then I made sure to poke those sore spots a few times. Just because I can. I didn’t really need to remind him he was sore. He had a very hard time even being in the soft bed after his punishment. Moral of the story: don’t piss of you lioness.

Remember that, my pet. I’ve got my eye on you.