Ride Him, Cowgirl!

I can’t remember how I thought of it, but early in our relationship, I suggested that Mrs. Lion is on top when we fucked. It may have been a submissive gesture on my part, but it turned out to be a very successful strategy for intercourse. We called it lion riding. The general name for the position is cowgirl. I guess it’s the same thought. There are two varieties of cowgirl sex. If she faces my head, it’s just “cowgirl.” If she faces my feet, it’s “reverse cowgirl.”

The cowgirl position is generally considered the one most likely to let the woman have an orgasm during intercourse. She can make small adjustments that assure her clitoris is in contact with his penis. Ironically, this position offers the least stimulation to the man. This assures he will not ejaculate too soon. I was never able to get off in that position. Even a vanilla couple will benefit from this chance for the woman to maximize her pleasure.

What about me? Well, when it’s  your turn, all she has to do is turn around and ride you with her facing your feet. This has exactly the opposite effect for the man. His “sweet spot” is directly stimulated by the vagina. Ejaculation is fairly quick when she rides this way. Yahoo! Once we started with cowgirl, we never looked, er, back. There’s an added advantage. When Mrs. Lion finished, she slid over my face for cleanup and more orgasms. on many occasions, she didn’t turn around. When she had enough licking, she would dismount and jerk me off.

It turns out that the majority of women don’t have orgasms during intercourse. Missionary and doggy are favorites that don’t quite line things up for maximum female pleasure. Cowgirl almost guarantees a woman will climax.

An odd thing happened to me along the way. All sex happened with me on my back. Mrs. Lion rode me, jerked me, and sucked me while I was flat on my back. She usually straddled my face for oral sex. I can’t remember the last time I ejaculated in any other position. I’m not saying that I can’t unlearn that. It’s just the way things are.

If the guy enjoys being sexually submissive, cowgirl is a natural way to fuck. He can feel his partner in control as she rides him to orgasm after orgasm. If she isn’t into being dominant, it doesn’t matter. The position is just plain fun for her. No matter what your kink, a touch of the old west will add a lot of fun to the bedroom.