Sleepy Lion

After work, I’ve been puttering around doing chores. I admit I haven’t thought about sex. Lion wasn’t feeling well on Monday. I didn’t think to ask him if he was horny until around nine last night. He said he might be, but by that time, it was too late to do anything about it anyway. [Lion — Humph!]

This morning, he woke up with me. When I came back with breakfast, he was asleep again. After I made my long commute to work, he watched The Odd Couple and then went back to sleep until almost 11. I guess he didn’t sleep well last night. Or maybe he just isn’t over whatever he had Monday. For some reason, I was wide awake at 5:30. I decided I should try to sleep, rolled over, and noticed Lion facing me. He doesn’t normally sleep on his left side. Maybe that’s why he was still tired.

Tonight, I’ll see if he’s horny enough to do something. He should be well-rested now. We’ll see if Ozempic is messing with his libido. He starts a higher dosage soon. Maybe once he settles into the drug, he’ll get his mojo back. I hope so.

Since he wasn’t feeling well Monday, I didn’t do punishment day swats. He didn’t really get a lot of swats during the football game. I gave up when I thought the Eagles would win. It was too depressing. Tomorrow there’s no excuse unless he doesn’t feel well again. I’ll have to fill him with Tylenol to knock whatever it is out of him.

Lion mentioned Spankardy last night. He was answering a lot of questions correctly. He said he was practicing for our next game. I’m not trying to jinx him, but when we play, he tends not to be as lucky. Maybe the pressure of being spanked or zapped is too much for him. Of course, those were the old rules when he could opt out of trying to answer. He came up with new rules recently. We’ll have to fine-tune them before we play again.