It’s not very comfortable sitting as I write this post. Mrs. Lion spanked me on Monday night. I was being punished for getting Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk on the comforter. It’s my favorite flavor. I don’t like it enough to get spanked for eating it. Technically, I didn’t get paddled for eating the ice cream. I got it because I wasn’t very neat about it.

It’s difficult for me to avoid making a mess when I eat ice cream in bed. Maybe I shouldn’t. As I wrote in my post yesterday (“She’s Just Doing Her Job“), a spanking from Mrs. Lion is no small thing. She was in rare form  Monday night. We used to track Mrs. Lion’s progress as she learned how to discipline me. She went from a very mild lioness 1.0 to the present 5.0. I’m not sure if she hasn’t advanced further. I don’t know how to measure her progress at this point.

If you go by the condition of my bottom after a spanking, she’s advanced beyond a year ago. I’m not sure that is a fair measure of her progress. Sure, she’s gotten stronger, and her skill has increased. I certainly hate being spanked more and more. I suppose that’s to be expected. What’s new is her attitude. She treats spanking me as a routine activity. She’s made it clear that she’s happy to spank me as often as necessary. She’s also made it clear that her goal is to make me suffer.

I suppose she’s been working her way up to this for a long time. It’s just more obvious to me. Look at her tone when she writes about beating me:

He started bleeding fairly early on. I probably hit the same area I hit the other day during his “just because” spanking. I didn’t use the paddle with the stair tread on it. I used a Lucite paddle, a wooden paddle and two rubber paddles. I also used a smaller rubber paddle to get in his crack a little bit. I took a picture afterwards because sometimes I’ll say it looked like he’ll get a bruise and he doesn’t think he will. I wanted proof. “See that right there? Looks like a bruise.”  (“Proof“)

That isn’t the tone of someone who has the least remorse. She set out to do something and was proud of her result. I hated every second of my spanking. My point is that spanking is now part of our lives, the same as male orgasm control. Neither of us thinks twice about the fact that every single sexual release I get is controlled by Mrs. Lion. She has no emotional response to frustrating me. Well, maybe she does. She likes it.

My point is that she isn’t ever troubled the least bit by making me wait as long as she wants for sex. Spanking has become the same. She isn’t bothered by bruising my bottom as often as she sees fit. It’s part of our marriage. She controls sex, and she punishes me as needed. Neither of us questions these things. They stopped being noteworthy. We only write about them because our readers like to keep up with what we’re doing.

We never discuss domestic discipline or male orgasm control. There’s nothing to talk about.

Listen to this post.