The Punishment Will Be Delayed, But Not Forgotten

Mrs. Lion reports that she feels better today (Thursday). She says that part of the reason may be that she was very active yesterday. We had to go to the bank to sign papers to sell our camper. She also helped the new owners get it ready to take home. That was too much activity for her. When the camper was gone, she went to bed and rested. She’s working today. Don’t worry. She works from home.

I’m not feeling great but as of yesterday, I still tested negative for COVID. I have a prescription for a PCR test, but to take it, Mrs. Lion will have to drive me to a testing location. I need to feel a lot worse before I ask her to do that. I can’t be very sick. I’m still horny.

Last night, Mrs. Lion caught me leaving the shower door open. Damn! Initially, she said that she was too sick to spank me. Stupid me reminded her that she can put the spanking reminder magnet on her whiteboard and spank me when she feels up to it. I thought about not reminding her. After all, why look a gift lioness in the mouth? That didn’t feel honest, so I suggested the magnet. This morning I moved it for her. Once she’s better, I’ll be punished.

Hopefully, I won’t get into any more trouble. Each additional offense adds five minutes to my spanking. My base punishment is ten minutes after warmup swats. That feels like forever to me. I’ve only gotten two fifteen-minute spankings. I don’t want another one.

What if i don’t want to be punished?

This brings up a topic that I’ve meant to discuss for a while. My desire for domestic discipline and spanking is why we started to do it. Over time, Mrs. Lion has grown accustomed to punishing me for infractions. I suspect that she would stop if I told her that I am tired of it and want it to end. To be clear, that doesn’t mean that I am withdrawing my consent. I would be saying that I’m no longer interested in being punished.

I hope that she would smile and tell me that she was glad I was unhappy about being punished and I could avoid being spanked if I behave. That sort of response requires a strong commitment to domestic discipline on her part. I have no idea if she is willing to assert herself enough to do this. I hope she understands that consent and willingness are very different things.

That’s the main point. A disciplinary relationship can have periods when the disciplined partner doesn’t want to deal with being punished. Sounds to me a bit like being a petulant child. His partner has a perfect answer for this sort of complaint. Behave and you won’t be punished. Mrs. Lion, how do you feel about this?

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  1. I understand what you mean about sometimes not wanting to be punished. My wife has been giving me weeks of passes because I have been having severely painful back and abdominal issues. She knows that if she insists i be punished, i will accept her decision. But she is perceptive enough not to insist, even though my behaviour has slipped greatly. Persistent pain for 4+ months can make anyone irritable. i know she is anxious to find out what is wrong with me, for my health, of course, but also because she would like to return to wearing the pants in the family and ruling the roost with an iron paddle. She does, of course, still wears the pants and rules the roost, but she has told me she misses her opportunities to weild her authority in a painful and meaningful way with me.

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