I tested positive for COVID on Friday morning. That’s not very surprising. Mrs. Lion and I share everything. It’s almost certainly omicron, and, like Mrs. Lion, I’ve had all four shots. Before we get more noise from anti-vaxers, this isn’t unexpected. The vaccines don’t offer complete protection from this variant. I had a video doctor visit and am starting the same anti-COVID pills that Mrs. Lion is taking. The good news is that vaccinated patients get much milder symptoms and get better faster. The anti-viral pills can reduce symptoms even further. Mrs. Lion has been on hers for three days and reports she is feeling better.

It’s unlikely that we will be doing anything sexual in the next several days. We’ll spend the long weekend in bed and in front of our computers. Not very hot reading for you. I did a bunch of research about COVID when Mrs. Lion tested positive. A very large percentage of Americans have gotten it. People misunderstand what immunity means. According to healthline.com, immunity from vaccines or from having had a disease doesn’t mean you can’t get it again. This is particularly true of Coronavirus, which is very difficult for the body to attain and keep full immunity.

This doesn’t mean that getting vaccinated isn’t useful. My body has proteins that the vaccine helped it create. These proteins work with my immune system to fight COVID. It doesn’t mean I won’t get sick. Based on my age and health, this infection would have given me more than a fifty percent chance of being hospitalized. Since I’m vaccinated, even without the anti-viral meds, I will almost certainly avoid being hospitalized. This is major. This is similar to the flu shots most of us get each year. They don’t guarantee we won’t get sick, but they reduce an infection’s severity.

Enough COVID talk. Sex and play are not on either of our minds. I’m very grateful to my lioness. Even though she is sick, she is helping me. We will get through this together.

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  1. So sorry to hear this. However I’m glad you’re fully vaccinated and hope you recover quickly. My best to you and Mrs. Lion!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Michael. We are both taking the Pfzier anti-viral pills. That and the fact we are vaccinated seems to be making this easy so far.

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