How This Blog Has Changed Over Time

I may be heading for a spanking. We are coming on two weeks of good behavior. This puts my bottom into “just because” spanking territory. Once we go more than ten days, Mrs. Lion starts to lose her edge spotting behavioral issues. “Just because” spankings are as much for her as for me. Of course, I’m the one who will have trouble sitting for a day or two.

It’s probably no shock that I read other blogs about spanking and orgasm control. I’ve noticed that other bloggers I read are writing much less frequently. I’ve heard that some are getting less traffic than they have in the recent past. Our traffic is steady, but not growing. I would suggest that more frequent writing would help. I don’t think that male chastity and domestic discipline are particularly good TikToK or Instagram topics., but what do I know.

Let’s face it; one male rear end is pretty much the same as another when it is bent over for a spanking. All penises don’t look alike, but they aren’t so different that you could identify a guy by a picture of his cock. The same is true of female parts. Pictures of my butt or penis are only interesting because of what’s been done to them., not their inherent good looks.

A big issue for sex bloggers like us is that we evolve, and the subject matter we discuss changes subtly. For example, at the beginning (2014), I wrote a lot about male chastity devices. I had a lot to say about fitting and living in one. It was new to me. Over time, I grew used to wearing my male chastity device, and it became less interesting to write about. We both accepted male orgasm control as a fact of life. It wasn’t special for me to be horny and wishing to come. Edging was my most common sexual activity.

As a result, my writing moved away from chastity devices and into the more internal realization that the devices trained me not to masturbate. It wasn’t remarkable that I had to wait for a release. I’ve had to wait for the last nine years. It’s no big deal. That’s the problem. If you are new to male chastity and are going through the same things I did in 2014, reading my 2022 adventures isn’t very useful or interesting. The blog evolved away from its initial audience.

Our traffic stays high because we have static pages about the basics of male chastity, spanking, and domestic discipline. Google points interested readers to those articles, or they discover them independently by looking at the menu. A small number of people do a blog search for topics of interest.

I think that one reason bloggers I follow are writing less often is that they feel that they have said all that needs to be said on the subjects of their blogs. Mrs. Lion and I sometimes feel that way too. We are approaching our 6,000th post. There isn’t much to say about our kinks that we haven’t covered. Our approach is to report our current state of affairs. This is probably not interesting to a beginner but may be helpful to people further along in these kinks.

We started writing about how we got into male chastity and spanking. Then, we wrote about integrating it into our lives and marriage. Now, we talk about how we keep our interests alive and refine our understanding. I could have gone in another direction. I could have written about my current fantasies, no matter how impractical to implement. I think that would be hot reading, but it feels wrong to write about it here. I restrict my fantasy reporting to activities within the realm of possibility. Mrs. Lion usually tries any I propose. When she tries them, we both report on how we are doing.

Our blog was always meant to be a sexual journal. It’s our story. We write it for each other as much as we write it for you. I realize that most of our readers don’t follow the blog. They seek specific information. That’s fine. Most of our regular blog readers found us after searching for something of interest. I’m happy you are reading what we write.