Tuesday night spanking result. It was clearly a 6 on the Spank-O-Meter.

Mrs. Lion is back to being consistent about enforcing my rules. I left the shower door open on Monday. She caught me and spanked me on Tuesday night. If you wonder why I get spanked for leaving the shower door open, our dog likes to go into the shower stall and tramp around. She leaves muddy footprints inside the shower, and anywhere else she happens to go. Before we got the pup, we always left the shower door open to let the shower stall dry quickly to avoid mildew. Now that we have the dog, we need to leave it closed.

My spanking last night rated a six on the Lion Spank-o-meter (See image above). It was unusually focused on the lower center of my bottom. Mrs. Lion usually concentrates her energy further to the sides. She also spread my cheeks and spanked the tender flesh inside and my very sensitive perineum. I hated that! I know. I’m supposed to hate it.

She didn’t start the timer until after her warmup swats. She didn’t stop when the timer went off. She continued on and on. That’s the worst. I wait and wait until my spanking time is up. Finally, after the alarm sounds, Mrs. Lion ignores it and keeps going. This time she continued for quite a while after the time was up. That’s the worst for me. The longer she goes after the timer goes off, the more I realize who is in control. It isn’t me.

I think the image tells the story. She didn’t neglect any area on my bottom. It was red from top to well below on my upper thighs. She concentrated on the lower center because that’s where my rear makes contact with a chair. A day later, it hurts as I sit and write this.

She told me that she started with wood paddles and changed to leather near the end of my spanking. I don’t know why she decided to proceed in that order. She knows what she is doing.

She changed up how she keeps me in place. Mrs. Lion used the larger strap around my chest and the bench. That keeps me in position. She took another strap and wrapped it around my legs and the legs of the bench. I couldn’t raise them or kick the air. I was trapped firmly in the spanking position.

When I’m strapped down that way, and Mrs. Lion goes into overtime when she spanks me, I feel especially helpless. I’m not accepting a punishment I earned. I’m getting punished. Accepting punishment is a choice. Getting punished doesn’t require my cooperation. Sure, I let her strap me down. I can’t help it. I agreed to be under her control. I also find the idea of being spanked very hot. In that sense, I want her to punish me. Once I’m strapped down, and she starts spanking me, I don’t want to be punished. If I say anything, her response is, “Too bad, Lion.”

You’d think I’d learn. It hurts to sit! Do you think I will resist the next time she brings out the spanking bench? I’ll meekly get into position, and she’ll strap me down.

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