Watch Out Mr. Interrupter and Mr. Know-It-All

2022 05 24 day by day day2

Lion says his buns are still sore from his spanking the other night. As you can see in the image above, after two days, he’s still marked. I guess I did a good job. I don’t think it was the meanest spanking I’ve ever given him, but it was certainly more ferocious than anything in his recent past. I think I was trying so hard to avoid making him bleed that I backed off too far. No more. Blood be damned. [Lion — This spanking was a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. See this link for the image.]

Having said that, there’s still the problem of not having many rules. The only two that he consistently breaks are the coffee pot and the shower door. Well, those are the only two I spank him for. He should get spanked more often for being a know-it-all and for interrupting me. He just did that a little while ago. Why can’t he just shut up until I’m done talking? Nine times out of ten, I would have answered his question or made the same point he interrupted me to make if I could have finished my thought. I definitely let him get away with that too much. On the other hand, if I spanked him every time he did it, neither one of us would get anything else done. [Lion — If I actually got spanked when I do it, I doubt it would take long for me to learn.]

Maybe the problem isn’t not having enough rules. Maybe the problem is that I don’t enforce the ones we have. I’ll need to shorten my fuse on Mr. Know-It-All and Mr. Interrupter. I think it will be tougher to break him of those habits. He can set a reminder for the coffee pot and punishment day. He’ll have no way to remind himself not to interrupt. I guess that’s what the paddle is for. I’ll have to start lifting weights to strengthen my arms for all the impending swats.

Of course, I say this knowing I talk a good game. I’ll either swat him for the next week and forget again, or I won’t swat him at all. It’s my modus operandi.