Domestic Discipline Is The Name Of Our High-Stakes Spanking Game

angry wife

If you’re reading this, you probably are interested in spanking or male chastity. Many of our posts would probably shock a vanilla reader. I imagined how I might have reacted to my post yesterday (“Spanked On Tuesday Night“). My bottom looked like the victim of a vicious beating. Even if you knew it was consensual, you might question our sanity.

I get it. It is very unlikely that any couple who is new to the idea of male spanking and domestic discipline would imagine that they would end up like us. Let’s face it, extreme is in the eye of the beholder. I suppose we are on the “extreme” end of the DD scale, at least in terms of punishment. We’re probably at the other end of the spectrum in terms of male control. Right now, Mrs. Lion only punishes me for breaking two rules: leaving the shower door open and not setting up the coffee maker. Either of those offenses will earn me a ten-minute spanking with various painful paddles.

One other rule rarely gets enforced: keeping track of the dog zapper. We have a shock collar that our dog sometimes wears when she gets dangerously rambunctious. She’s accidentally gouged both of us with her nails. The shock collar gets her attention, and she stops being so frantic. Lately, it hasn’t been needed. Anyway, I’m supposed to keep the zapper control with me when she’s wearing it. I’ve slipped up a few times but haven’t been punished. I don’t know why Mrs. Lion decided not to spank me.

I can imagine that you have two big questions. The first is, why would spankings be so severe? Surely, less damage would still make the needed point. For me, at least, less severe isn’t effective. Apparently, I’m not alone in the need for spankings that are felt for days after they are administered. It’s been two days since my last spanking, and it still hurts a little to sit. For example, if you read back a few posts, A Tale Of Nine Spankings, you’ll see that I needed stronger spankings. It’s important to remember that I’m a full-grown male. A pink bottom isn’t going to deter me from breaking a rule. I need to yelp and scream during a spanking. The humiliation of that is a big part of the punishment. Then, if I feel the spanking for days afterward, I get a strong message that I better behave.

The second question is, why such trivial rules? In the scope of our marriage, leaving the shower door open or failing to set up the coffee pot has to be trivial. Those offenses are like squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. They’re annoying but not earth-shaking. That’s the point. Little things like this accumulate in the mind. If unpunished, the anger slowly builds until there is an explosion. That doesn’t happen with us. Each time I forget, Mrs. Lion punishes me. She sees how unhappy my spanking makes me. There’s no need to build up anger. I have a very strong incentive not to break those rules. She knows it.

We gamify domestic discipline

There’s another, more subtle reason this works for us. By setting rules and consequences, we are playing a sort of game. Well, Mrs. Lion is playing a game and enjoys that aspect of our disciplinary marriage. Instead of being pissed off that I left the shower door open, she gets pleasure from catching me. She doesn’t particularly enjoy spanking me.; she doesn’t dislike it either. But spanking me is part of the game. It wouldn’t be much fun if all she did were catch me. She likes my reaction and the consequence she delivers. Spanking me doesn’t turn her on, but it is part of a game she likes.

The rules of the game are very simple. She makes rules I am to follow. They can be trivial. That doesn’t matter. If I break a rule and she discovers it, I am punished. The punishment is important. For the game to be fun, I have to genuinely want to avoid being punished. Mrs. Lion can tell if my punishment isn’t severe enough if I break the rule again too soon. We agree that I need more rules. The game isn’t very challenging right now. Suggestions would be appreciated.

The idea of being spanked turns me on. That’s another reason Mrs. Lion has to be severe. A milder spanking could be interpreted as sex play. A ten-minute DWC spanking never feels like play to me. I hate it while I get it. A day or two later, thinking about it will probably turn me on. I can’t explain this obvious contradiction. It’s how I’m wired. In fact, if too much time goes by without a spanking, my sex drive is affected. Mrs. Lion knows this. If more than a couple of weeks go by without a rule being broken, I get a “just because” spanking. It’s identical to what I get if I break a rule.

You might imagine that I would intentionally break a rule just to get spanked. I won’t. Even though the idea of being spanked turns me on and my sexual battery gets recharged by spanking, it still hurts too much to invite. Also, if I intentionally break a rule, that’s cheating in our game. That’s why we need more rules. Adding new rules is challenging me.

I like that the consequences are so painfully real. It gives me a strong incentive to avoid being caught. I work hard to stay off the spanking bench. Mrs. Lion works hard to find reasons to make me ride it. Right now, the ball is in her court. The game is getting too easy for me. I’m challenged when I get more than one spanking a week. That means I need to work very hard, or sitting will hurt all of the time. That’s how I get tuned up.