Just a Little Blood

2022 05 24 dayafter
Yesterday and today. Lion shows marks a day later. He says it hurts to sit down.

I dragged out the spanking bench last night and got the straps ready. Since Lion has no butt, the strap around his waist always slides down. I got the bright idea to put the strap around his legs instead. It was well out of the strike zone and seemed to hold him very well. He didn’t wiggle very much and the strap stayed where it was supposed to.

Based on Lion’s post, I decided not to start out with the leather paddle. I went with wood. I didn’t want him to just go numb and then start waling on him. He should feel it. I know he’ll get somewhat numb after a while anyway, but it seems wrong to get him numb in the beginning. Naturally, I didn’t go right for blood. (I don’t go for blood.) I warmed him up with a wood paddle. I’m sure he thinks I didn’t warm him up enough. Maybe I didn’t. It’s difficult to tell how long to do it. Again, I don’t want him to get numb too soon. I just want the nerve endings to be aware of what’s coming. Wake up, little nerve endings. I’m coming for you.

I switched paddles quite a bit so I don’t know which one was the culprit that drew blood. It was a tiny spot on his left cheek. Of course, that tiny spot got transferred all over his butt, so he looked like he had measles. And then, more spots opened. He wasn’t a bloody mess. I’ve made him bleed a lot more than he did last night. Maybe I did a good job of warming him up after all. Maybe I did a good job of dispersing the swats so no one area took the brunt. I also varied between hard and harder swats. I did some rapid-fire swats and then some swats with time for him to consider how much it hurt before I whacked him again.

He’s got some marks left on him today and he says it hurts to sit down. Good! He always looks like he’s going to have bruising and then he doesn’t. I didn’t go for bruising. Maybe he has the butt who cried wolf. It looks like he’s getting a bruise so I back off and then it laughs at me when it doesn’t bruise. Silly butt.