Leather Or Wood?


All systems were “go” on Monday night. Mrs. Lion used her hand to get me hard and then applied some nasty plastic clothespins to my balls. She made sure that they hurt and pulled on them while she jerked me off. Eventually, she removed them one at a time. She pulled them off slowly and painfully. Yup, this is lion foreplay. Once my balls were clothespin-free, she had me move across the bed for a delightful blow job. I had a great orgasm, but no creamy treat for her came out.

That was the good news. The bad news is that I forgot to close the shower door. I’m due for a spanking later today (Tuesday). I recently posted a spanking “color chart” (“Use The Spanking Severity Color Chart To Standardize Punishment“). Its purpose was to help Mrs. Lion standardize my spanking severity. I printed a copy for her. I may be sorry I did this. I’m not being entirely truthful. I will be sorry when Mrs. Lion spanks me, but I think helping her make a strong point is ultimately good for me.

That may be the big difference between domestic discipline and traditional punishments. Even though I end up suffering, I am Mrs. Lion’s partner. I asked her to punish me as needed. We both had to learn about disciplinary spanking. That helped create a rather odd partnership. Even though helping Mrs. Lion give more effective spankings ultimately causes me more pain, it also gives her the tools to correct me efficiently. We aren’t unique this way. I don’t know of any male domestic discipline that isn’t a partnership where the man actively helps his wife punish him.

From what I’ve read, the wife learns how to spank her husband, and his input is no longer needed. Mrs. Lion doesn’t really need my input. She is absolutely capable of delivering a butt-blistering spanking. I have the pictures to prove it. She’s been trying to solve a technical problem. When she uses her wooden paddles, my skin tends to crack, and I bleed. There are no visible cuts, but I bleed for a short time.

I suggested that she try leather paddles. Leather is likely to make my bottom red but not blister or bleed. She’s taken my suggestion. The leather hurts a lot (almost as much as the wood) and usually doesn’t make me bleed. There are two problems. The first is that after about five minutes, my butt gets numb, and the pain is largely reduced. This numbing is normal during a spanking. With wood, it’s easier to escalate the force to break through and keep the spanking painful. The second issue is that I haven’t felt the spanking more than a few minutes after Mrs. Lion finishes. We both agree that I should feel a spanking for at least a day after I get it.

I guess that we can’t eliminate some blood from a disciplinary spanking. Apparently, wood or rubber paddles are needed to produce lasting effects. That doesn’t rule out leather. Perhaps the first five minutes of a spanking could be with leather. Mrs. Lion can work up to really hard leather swats. Her arm gets tired when she has to hit very hard. If, after about five minutes, she switches to wood and rubber, she will need less force, and I will not benefit from any built-up numbing. That’s a win/win for her and a lose/lose for me.

Of course, she could go back to wood and skip the leather entirely. She has a lot of choices. As we’ve learned, these spanking implements are not created equal. The leather paddles are fairly new, and Mrs. Lion hasn’t used them often. She probably has a good idea of what will work best for her. I’ll suffer through the next chapter later today.

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  1. All your tips work simultaneously for you and against you.

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