Yesterday, my post was about the various intensities of spankings I’ve received. It showed the variation in immediate results as photographed immediately after Mrs. Lion spanked me. It turns out that this set of images can be very helpful to her. You’ve seen test strips that let you compare the color of a strip that you dip in a solution with a color chart. It’s easy to determine the exact ph of the solution. What if we applied the same standard to spanking?

If Mrs. Lion has a color chart that she can compare with my bottom as she spanks, she can more easily produce her desired results. I used the images from yesterday’s post (“A Tale Of Nine Spankings“) to create an easy way to measure her results anytime she wants during or after a spanking. This may sound weird, but it makes sense to us.

Spanking color chart. Seven or above produces lasting effects for at least a day after I’m spanked. Click image for larger version.

Spanking isn’t something that Mrs. Lion experienced growing up. She still hasn’t worked out what will be most effective for me. The color chart may be a good starting place for her. As I recall, spanking levels seven and above hurt and show marks for at least a day after the spanking. Level 9 hurts for three days afterward. Since these pictures were taken shortly after the spanking, Using the chart, Mrs. Lion can adjust her activity to assure she gets the result she wants.

The idea of this is to allow her to be as consistent with her spanking as she is with catching me breaking rules. It has the added advantage of offering her a kind of game since she can now measure her results. She can set goals and track her progress. This doesn’t change the disciplinary value of punishing me; it standardizes it. We try to meet the DWC standard of spankings that leave marks and residual pain for several days after the spanking. Maybe the spanking color chart is a tool to help meet that standard.

Mrs. Lion never spanks when she is angry. Her purpose is to punish me, not relieve stress. If spanking me helps with stress, that’s a good side effect. It’s the same as my sexual arousal thinking about being spanked. There’s nothing wrong with getting added value from domestic discipline.

Our color chart may not be useful for others. It shows the way my bottom looks after spankings. Other men could look very different. It’s easy to create your own version of this. The key is to take pictures immediately after a spanking and then record the residual effects for each one. It won’t take long to establish what your bottom looks like when you are properly punished.

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