A Small Quandry

I was all set to give Lion his orgasm last night. He’d written about needing me to get him excited before doing anything painful to him and I agreed to do it. I guess I got confused because sometimes he tells me he doesn’t just want me yanking on his penis without some foreplay, but if clothespins are the foreplay and I need to get him excited first, but I need foreplay, but I need to get him excited…. Yeah. Confused. Maybe we have it worked out. Do you think so? What do I know? Confused.

Anyway, I’d been trying to get him to the edge, at the very least, for a few nights and it wasn’t working. I was determined that last night would be the night. And then he left the shower door open. Do I go for the orgasm or do I spank him? I didn’t want to do both. It’s better to do a spanking close to the time of the infraction, but his orgasm…. As you can see, I get confused often. Ultimately, I decided his orgasm was more important, given the issues of the previous few nights. Lion was thankful. As a matter of fact, when I told him he was in trouble he muttered something about not wanting to be spanked. Uh, I’m not too fond of the idea either, buddy.

tiny clothespins on penis head

So, off we went on our magical orgasm journey. I brought out mean plastic clothespins. They aren’t as mean as the teeny, tiny clothespins. Those little ones concentrate a lot of pinch in a tiny space. I’m not saying the big ones don’t hurt, they just aren’t as nasty. As I was starting to fondle my weenie, I held his scrotum and made pinching motions on it. He got a little upset and asked if he didn’t just write about not using clothespins before he’s excited. Relax! I wasn’t going to put them on yet. Sheesh! Maybe he’ll get a few extra swats for that outburst. If he was looking for a way to make me stop everything, he came pretty close.

Once he was satisfied I wasn’t putting his nuts in a vise prematurely, we continued on. He’ll tell you he doesn’t like pain, but he certainly got excited by those evil clothespins. Despite his excitement, it still took quite a while to get to the edge. I wasn’t going to take any chances by stopping once we got there. I almost had to throw in the towel because it was very warm in the bedroom, but I soldiered on. I could feel his thighs tightening and I knew we were there. I still didn’t get any Lion cream filling, but he said it was a very nice orgasm.