Sweet As A Peach

I think that Mrs. Lion’s plan to change my interest in sex is working. She decided that I was to have more frequent orgasms. Her goal was at least one a week. That’s a lot more than I’ve gotten in the past. My average for 2021 was two a month. I was surprised to discover that I adapted to that rhythm. I didn’t start getting horny until almost two weeks passed. She gave me four orgasms in January (So far. I’m writing this on January 31). My last orgasm was after only a three-day wait. Today is the fourth day, and I’m horny.

I knew that “use it or lose it” applies to male interest in sex. I had no idea the condition was reversible. Apparently, it is. I feel ready to go. There’s been a problem that isn’t related to how long I wait. I am not producing any semen. Everything feels normal to me, but nothing comes out. Some women might find that a benefit. Not Mrs. Lion. She likes the taste of semen.

I’ve done some research and discovered that this is something that needs medical help. I expect that I will be referred to a urologist who will do tests. Typically, dry orgasms are the result of surgeries. I haven’t had any in years. I was hoping that I would learn it was a normal part of aging in some men. It isn’t. It’s probably a sign of trouble.

Thankfully, I can still have orgasms, even if they’re dry. According to one study I read, my orgasms may be retrograde. The semen is emitted into the bladder instead of out of the penis. This is often the result of an overactive bladder. I have some symptoms that suggest that may be my problem. It’s stupid to self-diagnose.

I learned one interesting thing. The way they determine if the ejaculate went into the bladder is to analyze post-orgasmic urine. If it contains sperm (duh!), the ejaculation is retrograde. That can’t happen with me. I was fixed years ago. However, the interesting part is that if fructose is found in the urine, it is also a sign of retrograde ejaculation.

Fructose? Maybe that’s one reason Mrs. Lion is so fond of my cream filling. It’s sweet, just like me.


  1. Well, guess you’ll have to drink your pee to find out? Mrs. Lion should insist 🙂

    1. Author

      Big yuck!

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