A Full Load And Lots Of Ears

Thursday night, after a ten-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a great blow job. She is amazing at oral sex! She said that there was a decent amount of semen when I came. This is a very big deal for me. Not long ago, I had dry orgasms; no fluid came out.

Web searches suggested that my problem was retrograde ejaculation. This occurs when the neck of the bladder doesn’t close during orgasm. The fluid goes into the bladder instead of out the desired path. This seemed the most likely reason for my dry orgasms.

Further reading suggested that using an EMS machine connected to an anal probe would help strengthen the pelvic floor (Kegel) and the various muscles that control the opening of the bladder. I’ve been using it for about a month. It seems to be working.

When the semen wasn’t coming out (or very little came out), during my orgasm, there was a sort of sharp pain that felt like it came from the tip of my penis. When the flow returned on Thursday, that sharp pain disappeared. Go figure.

I’m going into all this detail because this problem is common in men as they pass fifty. Any changes in ejaculation and peeing can signal a problem. The same day I ordered the EMS machine, I made an appointment with a neurologist. I’m going next week.

We males are notoriously bad at reporting medical issues and going for help. I’m committed to changing this behavior. I refuse to accept a reduction in the quality of my life without a fight.

lots of people hear us as well as read us

I did a Google search on “Male Chastity Journal.” In the past, this search yielded a long list of posts and pages from here. This time it started with listings for our podcast. We use Amazon Polly, an artificial intelligence service, to “read” our posts aloud. We don’t have the time or technology to do this ourselves every day. I’m pretty happy with the quality. I would sound better, but–oh well.

Anyway, I was startled to learn that our podcast is carried on Audible, Amazon Music, FM, Apple Podcasts, and a ton of others. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m glad it has. There may be more people listening than reading. Welcome to our listeners! Check out the website. There are nude pictures of me! (Talk about a great incentive, LOL.)

I admit that it didn’t occur to me that a podcast would be that interesting, particularly one that is a computer voice. One side effect that listeners experience is that the computer reads captions as part of the podcast. For example, my post yesterday had captions with the images. They make the podcast less intelligible. I will remember that going forward.

Being distributed across so many platforms makes it impossible to know how many people hear what we say. I suppose it doesn’t matter. I’m always curious about our audience. I’m also amazed about our reach. Thank you for reading or listening.