Anal EMS Is Helping Me

I did my research about dry orgasms. It turns out that it’s a problem. As I wrote in an earlier post, loss of semen is related to several conditions, including prostate surgery and serious disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, the chances are strong that semen is being diverted into my bladder. This happens when the bladder is overactive. Really? I just thought it hung around to hold pee.

Further reading revealed that symptoms of an overactive bladder are feeling an urgent need to pee and usually coming out without an invitation. I had both symptoms the last few weeks. The leakage was minimal and sporadic. Still, the evidence was pretty clear. I contacted my primary care doctor, and he set up an appointment with a urologist. That isn’t happening for a few weeks.

Kegel EMS machine that I bought. It’s shown with the vaginal probe.

In the meantime, I was idly browsing on Amazon. I searched for “Sexual Health.” The results included devices for kegel exercises. Some were EMS (ElectroMuscle Stimulation) devices. They claimed to help both women and men strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. They went on to say that by doing this, overactive bladder and leakage could be controlled. Ah-ha!

Women and men? Yup. I’ve done male kegel exercises from time to time over the years. You do it by “clenching” your anus. I can’t describe it, but you do this when you want to stop a stream of urine. Anyway, these devices claim to work these muscles and correct the very problems I have. According to the Mayo Clinic, if I have retrograde ejaculations, curing the overactive bladder should allow the semen to come out the way it is meant to.

This is the anal probe. It’s odd that it’s penis-shaped. The probe is too small. If I move, the effect of the EMS changes. I ordered a cylindrical probe that is considerably thicker and longer.

I bought an EMS device and an anal probe. The vaginal probe that comes with it won’t work anally. I’ve used it just two times. The material I’ve read says that it takes at least two weeks of daily sessions to get results. Well, the urgency and leakage have stopped. I don’t know about ejaculation yet. I’ll find out next time Mrs. Lion gets me off.

The sessions with the device aren’t painful or very uncomfortable. I can feel stuff happening. I’m surprised that the results are as positive as they are. Even if I still have dry orgasms, the help I’m getting with urgency is worth the daily sessions.


    1. Author

      It’s helping with the urinary urgency. No opportunity to ejaculate yet. I would be surprised if anything changes yet. According to the instructions with the EMS device, it takes at least 14 days.

    2. Author

      It’s a little early to tell about the orgasms. The bladder issue has gone away.

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