Spoiler Alert

That’s my lion!

I have training this week. I’m not looking forward to it. It strikes me as a meeting that should have been an email. My department is different from the rest and, while I do need to know some of the same things, only my boss needs to know how to do my job. I’m sure I’ll be bored. I hate being bored. I find it more exhausting than being too busy.

Lion was on hold with iRobot, trying to get our stupid robot vacuum serviced again. Then he got a phone call he was waiting for, so he passed iRobot to me so he could be bounced around on another phone call. I’d just started writing my post. It’s difficult to write while obnoxious hold music is blaring in your ear. And I should be working. And the dog is whining. It’s still better than being bored.

It’s the last day of January. Lion is already ahead of the game as far as orgasms are concerned. By rights, I should give him one tonight just in case we fall behind at some point in the future. Of course, unlike Lion setting up the coffee pot, there’s no penalty for not giving him the desired number of orgasms per month. My desired, not his. If I asked him, he’d probably want more than one a week. There’s nothing wrong with that, and he may wind up getting more than one a week, but I’m committed to one a week for the year. I don’t know when Lion last had 52 orgasms in one year. I’m sure he knows, or he can look it up. I bet it’s been a few years, at least. [Lion — The last time I had at least 52 orgasms was in 2018 when I had 60\

The problem I have with giving him one tonight is that we haven’t done anything since his past orgasm. I spanked him one night, but that doesn’t count as sex. I feel like I should edge him a few times between orgasms. Where’s the frustration in giving him an orgasm every few days? Sure, he may be horny, but he won’t be suffering. There’s that bitch peeking out again. Make the poor Lion suffer. Spoiler alert: he loves it.