No More Dry Orgasms

This is the anal probe I use for my “male kegel” EMS treatments.

I am happy to say that my EMS “kegel” treatments are working. It’s been just one week since I started. I bought an iStim EMS device. It comes with a vaginal probe for female kegel exercise. It is not suitable for male use. I bought an anal probe designed for males. It’s quite small and very easy and comfortable to insert. I also bought some conductive gel (works as lube and helps the probe)—all of this cost less than $200. You can buy cheaper versions of these items, but quality counts, and I wanted the most reliable help I could get.

Part of me was skeptical about this treatment. I was trying to help with two new problems. No fluid came out when I had an orgasm. At the same time, when I had to pee, the sensation was very urgent, and some urine leaked out. I hated both conditions. I did some Web research and learned that dry orgasms are not normal. The Mayo Clinic says that a dry orgasm isn’t harmful.

There are many possible causes. It’s a very good idea to see a doctor if you have them. One of the most common is retrograde orgasm. This is when the fluid goes into the bladder instead of the penis. A common cause of this is an overactive bladder. Surprise, surprise, this is also a cause for leaking pee.

I have an appointment with a urologist to confirm that I have my diagnosis right. However, it looks like my research is paying off. I’ve been using the EMS machine with the anal probe for just a week. I no longer have the urgency to pee, and I don’t leak! On Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion gave me an oral orgasm, and a small quantity of semen came out when I ejaculated. Over the next hour, semen dripped out of my penis. It looks like the retrograde orgasms are cured.

I expect that my ejaculations will return to normal with continued daily treatments. Male kegel exercise is very important for me. It is possible to do this without an EMS machine. You can contract your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing down the same way you do to stop the flow of urine when you are peeing. Hold that for ten seconds, pause ten seconds, and repeat. I did this years ago when I felt an urgent need to pee, and it helped. You do the ten-second exercise for five to ten minutes a couple of times a day.

The EMS session lasts 30 minutes. It’s not painful, and it worked very well for me. I do it every morning after breakfast. The same treatment works for women. They use the vaginal probe that comes with the EMS unit. Female kegel strengthening reduces or eliminates peeing when laughing and other “leaks.”  Some say that it also tightens the vagina and makes sex more fun. I don’t know if that is true.

I’m a happy camper. EMS is doing exactly what I read it can do. This post is about my experience with EMS. It may not work the same way for others. There are cautions about using it. Read them. Do some research. Mrs. Lion is happy she’s getting my cream filling again.