Almost Quiet Weekend

New Year’s Day brought me an orgasm from Mrs. Lion. I know that she intended to give me one, so it wasn’t surprising. I didn’t expect it to be a handjob. I kept waiting for her to ask me to move across the bed for oral sex. Her go-to position for sucking me is with me lying diagonally across the bed with my legs wide apart. This gives her good access. If she tries with me lying in my usual sleeping position, the footboard gets in her way.

I was surprised that she kept masturbating me. It felt good. No complaints here. I didn’t expect to be jerked off. As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday (“Late In Every Way“), the dog has become a problem when we are in bed. She jumps up and tries to get into the action whenever Mrs. Lion is near me. It’s a real mood killer. We spent a lot of money hiring a dog trainer who has been unhelpful so far.

Mrs. Lion has become a very effective lion trainer. Of course, she can’t use the same techniques to train our puppy. I’m sure the pup will grow out of her crazy spells. Her mother is a real sweetie. I’m sure our dog will be too. Meanwhile, we’ll keep working on getting the dog out of the way when we do things together.

Our New Year’s weekend has been quiet, punctuated by my yelps on Friday and my groan of pleasure on Saturday. Not bad.

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  1. The “puppy wanting to be in the middle of everything” is something we know all too well 😀

    It’s funny the first few times … then, not so much.

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