holy trainer male chastity device
This is the Holy Trainer Nano male chastity device. It’s the ideal size for most men.

The Holy Trainer V3 Nano is a real step forward in off-the-shelf male chastity devices. Its cage is a very nice 1.36 inches in length. Better yet, the inside diameter of the cage is 1.3 inches. The base rings are available in several sizes. Mine is 1.75-inches, which happens to be the most popular. It’s reasonably priced and a very good starter chastity device.

lion in holy trainer male chastity device
I fit nicely into the device. You will too.

I know that in the past, a lot of attention was paid to getting your cage length to match your flaccid penis length. We’ve since learned that shorter is better. The Nano is, in my opinion, the ideal length.

It’s an unusual design. The tube appears open on the bottom, with just the head fully encased. Others have commented that this open design makes it possible to masturbate while wearing it because the “sensitive” spot under and just behind the head, is exposed and available for stimulation.

That’s not true in my case. As you can see in the image (left), that sensitive spot is covered by the tube. Yes, at least when flaccid, its possible to push a finger inside the tube and touch that spot. If I were able to arouse myself, the tube would get much tighter and it would be very difficult to masturbate while locked up.

penis in holy trainer nano
The tube lines up nicely and allows peeing without urine leaking into the tube. This is important if you want to reduce irritation and bad smells.

Besides, none of these devices is escape proof. I think the Nano does an adequate job of keeping me away from self stimulation. Because it’s short, the head is pressed firmly against the top of the tube. My urethra stays fairly well centered so urine doesn’t get a chance to get inside.

I didn’t stay pressed against the end and centered all the time. However, it’s very easy to adjust. If the penis is not pressing the end of the tube, pull the bottom of the scrotum while holding the base ring. This will move the head against the top of the tube. If you hold the tube and pull the top of your scrotum, you can adjust the centering of your urethra. This is a lot easier to do than it sounds and isn’t required all the time.

penis in holy trainer male chstity device

The Holy Trainer Nano uses a European “trailer lock”. This is the same lock used by some of the custom cage makers in Europe. It’s easy to use and leaves only a tiny brass locking mechanism inside the device. It’s secure and won’t trip TSA metal detectors.

The makers claim the device is made from a proprietary organic plastic material. They say it softens a bit at body temperature. I haven’t noticed this. The plastic has a nice feel to it. There are no sharp edges or mold marks on the finished device.

The base ring has what they call an “Anatomical Curve”. This shape is supposed to be more comfortable than round or oval base rings. It is comfortable, but then, so are the other shapes. Since the device fits correctly — my penis is in contact with the walls and top of the tube at all times — cleaning is difficult. I use a shower massager set to “pulse” and direct it into the back and tip of the device. I don’t use soap because I don’t want any to remain because rinsing is so difficult.

I strongly recommend that the device be removed weekly and both tube and penis get a thorough washing and drying. Like any other male chastity device, the Nano should be cleaned thoroughly at least monthly. Because the device is made using a plastic with a low melting point, cleaning in the dishwasher might deform it. I use the ultrasonic cleaner with warm water and jewelry cleaning detergent.

invisible under clothes
The Nano is invisible under clothes. On the left my natural (uncaged) profile. On the right, I’m wearing the Holy Trainer Nano chastity device. The tube separates my balls so there is a more distinct shape when wearing the device. This is invisible under jeans.

My experience with this device is overwhelmingly positive. It’s comfortable, relatively secure, and best of all, I can pee standing up at home and in public bathrooms. It is a tube-type device so cleaning is difficult and it has to be removed regularly for good hygiene. This is the first off-the-shelf male chastity device I can endorse.

I ordered my directly from Holy Trainer. The order page showed that the item was in stock and I got it about a week after ordering. Be aware that there are cheap, Chinese copies of the device. I suggest ordering from the manufacturer. In my opinion, the Holy Trainer Nano is a great choice. I picked the clear device. It also comes in a range of colors. I like to see where things are, so to speak, so the clear model is my personal favorite.



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