A Decade Of Male Chastity Evolution

I have been thinking about changes in the way our kinks have evolved over the last decade. When we started this blog, most of the stuff people talked about in the male chastity sector was security. There was an endless debate about which devices could be escaped and which might let a man masturbate. The general tone was that we males were the unwilling victims of our cruel keyholders.

Over time, it seemed that more and more guys recognized that it was the male partner who asked to be locked up, not the unforgiving keyholder. Once that concept took hold, it was a small leap to realize that escape and cheating weren’t important topics. Why would you want to escape from something you asked to be locked in?

The discussion turned to more practical matters. We talked about comfort and fit. You couldn’t wear a male chastity device if it were painful. Devices had to fit correctly and comfortably. I tested many devices and reported on how they worked for me. For a device to get a good review, it had to fit properly. In my view, that meant the tip of my penis had to press firmly to the front of the device. The A-ring (cock and ball) had to be comfortable without the need for any lubricant, and the penis cage couldn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

holy trainer nano on lion's penis. malechastityjournal.com
Holy Trainer Nano on my penis

Those standards implied that the penis cage had to be much shorter than we originally thought. Firm contact with the top of the cage is the only way to assure that the urethral opening is centered on the device. That’s critical to assure mess-free urination. Since the flaccid penis varies in length over the course of a day, the cage has to be short enough to compress it when it is in its I-just-got-out-of-cold-water “turtle” phase.

holy trainer nub on lion's penis
Holy Trainer Nub

It turns out that this compression is safe and comfortable. The dimension that has to be large enough is the cage diameter. It has be the same size as the actual flaccid penis. Squeezing too much there can cause edema. Apparently, my discovery wasn’t unique. Chastity device makers began releasing much shorter cages. Holy Trainer created the Nano model, which is 1.4 inches long (read our review). Next, they released the Nub model, which is just one inch long (read our review). The Nano was too long for me, and my penis wandered away from the pee opening. The Nano fit perfectly. It also turns out that most of us can comfortably wear a base ring (cock ring) sized at 45mm (1-3/4 inches). Once we stopped worrying about escape and focused on comfort, the base ring size became less important.

evotion orion on lion's penis

Most of us started out with off-the-shelf male chastity devices like the Holy Trainer. They are less expensive than custom-made devices. Also, it makes sense to start with a cheaper device. It gives you a chance to play with male chastity and get a sense of what sizes you might want to adjust before you order a custom device. Custom male chastity devices generally cost more than $300. They are made to your exact measurements.

The earliest custom devices were made of stainless steel. Small shops in the US and Europe make them. Generally, there is at least a one-month wait from order to delivery. They are available in a wide variety of styles. More recently, 3D-printed male chastity devices have appeared. The makers create a computer design of the device and it is then printed by a 3D-Printer. Most are designed by the seller and actually printed by a commercial 3D-printing company. I’ve tried a few of these. Most have the rough finish that the 3D printers put out. I found that finish very irritating to my penis. One company, Evotion, makes a great 3D-printed device that is further processed to a very comfortable, smooth finish (read our review). I ended up wearing my Evotion Orion for quite a while.

cage-free male chastity

After over three years of being locked in a male chastity device, Mrs. Lion stopped locking me up. By that time, the continuous lockup changed my behavior. I completely stopped masturbating. To this day, it isn’t a sexual option I ever consider. Since Mrs. Lion is my only sexual outlet, I’m permanently practicing male chastity.

The pattern of tease and denial that we established over all those years is now just routine. Sexual stimulation from Mrs. Lion doesn’t imply an orgasm for me. I don’t expect one, and she doesn’t feel obligated to get me off. She decides when I should ejaculate. It’s so routine that we never even discuss it. I’m always grateful when she gets me off.


  1. I have had similar experience. When I first read about male chastity including locking devices it was very exciting. A bought a few cheap ones and my wife did not share my excitement.
    She did eventually learn what the result of orgasm control and denial was and how it was to her benefit.
    I took on a masturbation ban myself and she eventually took over control of my orgasms.
    She found the chastity devices to be off putting and cumbersome. I put one on yesterday when she went to visit her mother and I still have it on now. I “enjoy” knowing that my parts are locked up and I have a nearly constant reminder of my self imposed restriction.

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