Late In Every Way

It looked like last night wouldn’t end with any magic. Our stupid dog has gotten in the habit of jumping on Lion. We’ve been very lax in our training. We’ll have to get back on track. By the time we got the dog under control, it was after 9. We settled in to watch TV and then started talking. Then Lion said he hoped we would do something before it got too late. It was after 9:30 at that point. Wasn’t that already too late?

I started just fondling him to see if anything would happen. I wanted to suck him, but since we weren’t sure we’d get anywhere, I didn’t suggest it. I even wondered if the dog would flip out if I tried to go to Lion’s side of the bed. I decided to risk it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The dog remained where she was, and I perched myself on the edge of the bed. Even after several minutes and some purrs from Lion, I still wasn’t sure I could get him hard enough to edge. By the time he was hard enough, I didn’t want to risk losing it by switching to oral. As a result, his first orgasm of the year was a handjob. No glitz. No glamor. Just a boring hand job. Of course, if you’re as sex-starved as Lion was (at least in his mind), you take what you can get and like it.

Speaking of being sex-starved, Lion mentioned just how neglected he was in this morning’s post. Do you know that poor dear only averaged about two orgasms a month last year? He’d rather have three or four per month. (I’d rather be a millionaire, but I’m doomed to be a hundred-aire.) I would argue that male chastity and orgasm denial mean he should have fewer orgasms than “normal.” However, I think it also has something to do with his sex drive slowing down and my stress levels ramping up a bit. I’ve been on board with an orgasm every 4-7 days for a long time. Life in one form or another intrudes. Our tummies have been the biggest culprits. It seems that, quite frequently, one or the other of us isn’t feeling well. We haven’t been able to lock down the causes for either of us.

If someone forced me to make a resolution, it would be to give Lion more orgasms. Is his sex drive really slowing down, or am I not doing enough to get him interested? I’m working from home, so my stress level should be lower. Of course, there might be different stress, like the damn dog jumping on me like she is right now. In any case, we’ll go into the new year looking for more sex. Lion probably wants to know what else is new.


  1. Well, the new year has begun, and a new orgasm report has begun. Life goes on.

  2. I got a, I’m just coming to bed to service you last night. Sexy huh, throw the hand on the forehead, if I must here’s my honey pot. Better get some lube because you can’t eat it and petting it is not getting it done. Sometimes I envy Lion at least his honey pot wants to play.

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